10 Celebrity Cameos You May Have Missed in the First LEGO Movie

While the LEGO movies are certainly well known for their unique sense of humor and their surprisingly significant intrigues, a Another aspect that makes these animation films stand out is their abundance of celebrity cameos. Sometimes these famous characters only appeared for a brief moment, while others used characters that appeared throughout the film.

While the original The Lego Movie ] certainly had a cast of stars, like Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman, in addition to 39, a support cast including Liam Neeson, Charlie Day, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman and Alison Brie. other huge actors who showed themselves in small voice roles, even though the stars themselves were not immediately recognizable. That said, here are 10 celebrity names you may have missed in the first LEGO Movie .

10 Channing Tatum as Superman

] Relationship: LEGO Movie 2 begins production in October

 Channing Tatum as Superman "title =" Channing Tatum as Superman "class =" center-block "/> </figure>
<p> Superman is perceived as one of these strong, attractive superheroes and quite the perfect man, which makes Channing Tatum the perfect choice to express that particular character.The directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord had previously worked with Tatum on <em> 21 Jump Street </em> which partly explains why Tatum received this minor role in <em> The LEGO Movie </em> Even though he does not play an important role in the movie, Superman adds a lot of Humor to the parts of the film in which he appears </p>
<h2> <span class= 9 Jonah Hill as Green Lantern

 Jonah Hill as Green Lantern "title =" Jonah Hill as Green Lantern "class =" center-block "/> </figure>
<p> In order to preserve this connection <em> 21 Jump Street </em> Jonah Hill also appears in <em> The LEGO Movie </em> under the name of Green Lantern, forgettable superhero by the joke . To use the comic pair of both actors, Superman and Green Lantern are often staged, Superman being almost always embarrassed or annoyed by the exaggerated antics of Green Lantern. The two actors take over their roles in <em> The LEGO Batman Movies </em> and <em> The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part </em>. </p>
<h2> <span class= 8 Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian

 Billy Dee Williams as Calrissian Lando "title =" Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian "class = "central block" </figure>
<p> Over the years, Billy Dee Williams has achieved the most outstanding performance of the franchise <em> Star Wars </em> as a Lando Calrissian, the old friend from Han Solo who debuted in <em> The Empire Strikes Back </em>. <em> The LEGO movie </em> The Millennium Falcon appears in front of the ship of Metal Beard, with Han, Chewbacca, C-3PO and Lando on the inside while a new comedian is found for Han and Williams willingly agrees to resume his role as Lando Calrissian for this brief vocal performance, alongside Anthony Daniels, who interprets the C- 3PO rewards his role as Harvey Dent / Two-Face in <em> ilm LEGO Batman </em>. </p>
<h2> <span class= 7 Dave Franco as Wally
] Dave Franco as Wally "title =" Dave Franco as Wally " class = "in the center" />

Dave Franco, the younger brother of James Franco, has certainly found his place in the spotlight in recent years, which has earned him a brief vocal performance in The LEGO Movie Franco made his voice heard on Wally, one of the construction workers who was working with Emmett at the beginning of the film, and he was interviewed by Bad Cop of Liam Neeson. to other stars like Channing Tatum, Franco's brief appearance did not stand out because his character seemed quite ordinary, which made it even more shocking to discover that such a minor character of LEGO was voiced by a so great star Franco then took the leading role in [194] 59002] The movie LEGO Ninjago .

6 Jake Johnson as Barry

 Jake Johnson as Barry "title =" Jake Johnson as Barry "class =" center-block "/> </figure>
<p> Dave Franco was not the only known actor to have sung one of the friends of Emmett, construction worker. <em> Jake Johnson of New Girl </em> also appeared in the film under the pseudonym Barry, appearing essentially in the same scenes as Dave Franco's Wally.Johnson and Franco both added a little humor to the scene in which they were, even though we did not know who was expressing them. </p>
<h2> <span class= 5 Keegan-Michael Key as Foreman Jim

 Keegan-Michael Key as Foreman Jim "title =" Keegan-Michael Key as Foreman Jim "class =" center-block "/> </figure>
<p> To add cherry on top, <em> Key and Peele </em> Keegan- Michael Key voiced Foreman Jim, the leader of Emmett's construction team. Like the other members of the construction team, Key added some laughter to construction actors and was arguably the funniest Emmett colleague. </p>
<h2> <span class= 4 Shaquille O 'Neal as Shaquille O' Neal

 Shaquille O 'Neal as Shaquille O' Neal "title =" Shaquille O 'Neal as Shaquille O' Neal "class =" central block "/> </figure>
<p> Shaquille O 'Neal is one of the most <em> The LEGO movie </em> is one of the master builders who helped defend Cloud Cuckoo Land during the attack on President Business's henchmen. </ p> <p> It was a brief appearance , Shaq tempting (and failing) to defend the palace using his skills in basketball, which allowed to better show the power of the film. </p>
<h2> <span class= 3 Cobie Smulders as Wonder Woman

 Cobie Smulders as a Wonder Woman "title =" Cobie Smulders as a Wonder Woman "class =" cente r-block "/> </figure>
<p> The <em> How I met your mother </em> and <em> The star Cobie Smulders made a brief appearance in <em> The Star Movie </em> as Wonder Woman . She appeared for the first time with the rest of the master builders in Cloud Cuckoo Land and subsequently appeared a few times in brief appearances. </p>
<h2> <span class= 2 Will Forte Will Be Abraham Lincoln


 Will Forte as "Abraham Lincoln" title = "Strong as & ## Abraham Lincoln "class =" center-block "</figure>
<p> The Old <em> Saturday night Will Forte, star of Live </em> and <em> the last man on The Earth </em> also made an appearance in <em> the LEGO film </em> as a new mastermind, Forte, the former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. abandoned the Master Builders in disbelief towards Emmett, he no longer appeared for the rest of the film, making it a hilarious, very brief appearance. </p>
<h2> <span class= 1 Christopher Miller as Presenter

 Christopher Miller as television presenter "title =" Christopher Mi ller as a TV presenter "class =" center-block "/> </figure>
<p> Christopher Miller was one of two directors of <em> The LEGO Movie </em> alongside Phil Lord , and played a small role in the film. Miller voiced the TV presenter, who worked for Octan Tower and was the presenter of the show "Honey, Where Are My Pants?" The design of TV Presenter was actually based on Christopher Miller, which made this cameo a bit more personal for the director. </p>
<p> The Variety of Cameos and Stars in <em> The LEGO Movie </em> <em> The LEGO Batman Movie </em> and <em> The LEGO Movie Movie 2: The Second Part </em> Using already established camcorders, while adding others own. All in all, the great and unique voices of voice have enabled this Warner Bros. franchise. to stand out from most other animation films. </p>
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