3 from Hell Star Sid Haig on the Mend After Accident, Wife Gives Health Update

3 of Hell The Star Sid Haig is about to recover from an accident suffered last week, according to an update on his health status posted by Instagram, the wife of actor Suzie. A few days ago, Suzie had posted on Haig's official Instagram account that he had been transferred to the hospital for critical care after an accident.

The details of the accident and the current state of health of Haig have not been clearly defined. Although Suzie asked the fans to pray for her recovery. Fans from around the world and colleagues from Sid Haig have been praying for their recovery and now, Suzie has been telling her fans what's going on in a new Instagram post.

"Hello everyone, I know it 's taken a moment, but here' s the quick and dirty .. Sid took a bad pass early last week and went to the ER for s & # 39; to make sure everything was fine, but they kept it a bit for observation.He threw up late thursday night.His sleep.While he was sleeping, the vomit entered his lungs (suction ).Lucky, as they watched him, the alarm went off and they managed to get out the vomit and an aspirated air tube.

They sucked his lungs for a few days and everything came out to be able to pull out the aeration tube / suction.It is breathing well for several days now, but they still need to monitor the infection to be sure because the bacteria in humans can cause lung infection when this happens product, a D gives him IV antibiotics to protect him, his color is excellent (beautiful and pink) e his vital signs are excellent. So, although he is not yet allowed to eat or drink completely, they have started to let him drink a little juice and water. He did not stop asking me to give him the full cup of juice and became quite grumpy when I said that I could not yet, so that's a huge improvement. Sid being hungry and thirsty + Sid being cranky and fighting = Sid getting better. "

The wife of Sid Haig explained the situation and explained that the worship icon was improving.

" The day went well past and it continues to improve. I'm sorry for my cryptic post Thursday night / early Friday morning, but what can I say – I was panicking! What woman would not be? And shit became very heavy for a minute, but he bounced like a champion! So, I am doing this update now because I finally feel pretty comfortable and calm enough to let you know that he is fighting like a real warrior and that he wins the fight !! ! Thank you all for your prayers, your concern and your kindness, and thanks to [Bill Moseley] for his messages of support. They are very much appreciated by all of us here at Camp Haig. Love and gratitude, and a lot of respect, to you all. Thank you very much for sending your energy to my sweet baby. Love really overcomes everything. "

Some fans feared the worst while waiting to be informed of Haig's health status, with no new information coming in. Rob Zombie, Haig's collaborator, had posted on social networks of many people who asked him questions.the situation, but he knew nothing more than what had been reported by the press. "I hope good news like the rest of your time," wrote the filmmaker 19459003 3 of Hell co-starred Bill Moseley had a lot of support on social media, writing: "I can only wish him the best, his wife and Suzie, and let them know that I'm here for them if / when they need me. "We've seen Haig's fans and friends show how much the legendary actor was loved and appreciated.

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There is certainly some good news this weekend, with the premiere of Rob Zombie & # 39; s 3 of Hell is now a few days away. In the long-awaited sequel, Haig will take over the role of Captain Spaulding, a play previously described in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects . A previously released clip for the film gives a glimpse of Haig as Captain Spaulding, although the character is made up without a clown while he is chained to death row. However, even in this confined environment, it is the sinister Spaulding that we know best from the previous sections of the franchise, and it is impossible not to get angry for 3 de Hell when watching the video.

3 of Hell is presented as part of a three-day theatrical event, courtesy of Fathom Events. From September 16 to 18, the film will be screened in a selection of cinemas, with different exclusives available to ticket holders each night. During the first night, exclusive posters will be distributed to the first 50 ticket holders for their arrival at the theater. The second screening will also feature a featurette behind the scenes, the third night showing 3 of Hell after as The Double Film.

It is a pleasure to see Haig on the fast track to recovery, and I hope that he will be released soon from the hospital. Meanwhile, his fans can appreciate his return as Captain Spaulding when 3 of Hell will be presented in theaters next week. This information comes from Sid Haig on Instagram.


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