A Different Approach to Sasquatch Horror

Described as on Friday the 13th at the meeting of Dog Soldiers Uncork & d; Entertainment . is perhaps the most bizarre sasquatch horror movie you've ever seen. Directed by John Woodruff using a screenplay by Jonathan Murphy, Animal Among Us is bursting with a glance at the classic horror movies of the '70s and' 80s. makes watching the movie a fun experience for old school horror fans, but as it's not a mere gorefest like some of these classic slasher movies. To be clear, while it contains elements of slasher and horror movies Bigfoot, Animal Among Us is not really the only one. one of these types of films because it tells an intriguing story without an abundance of

Christian Oliver ( Sense8 ) stars in Animal Among Us ] in the role of: Roland Baumgarner, author of The Merrymaker Murder. The bestseller was about the murder of two girls fifteen years ago by an unknown murderer at the Merrymaker Campground. The so-called sasquatch sightings in the area are like a Bigfoot creature behind the killings, which led curious sasquatch hunters to investigate with a video camera. When Roland receives a fan letter asking him to present himself at the reopening of the campgrounds, he finds himself ready to discover what he wrote in his book.

Larisa Oleynik ( Mad Men ) and Christine Donlon ( Femme Fatales ) in the role of Anita and Penelope Bishop – two park guards who claim to have full legal jurisdiction without police station in the vicinity. Don Frye ( The Diggers ) also plays the role of their father-in-law with the strangest name, Burl Wolf. For Roland, it's clear from the start that Merrymaker campgrounds have something very strange, and this is even more obvious when Bigfoot enthusiasts come out bloody with stories of attacks by a great creature. Woodland. Someone or something definitely attacks people nearby, and it seems that the bishops and Burl know more than what they say to Roland. And things get more and more crazy as he gets closer to the truth.

True, the cast of the movie adds a lot to the viewing experience because it does a fantastic job to bring these fun characters to life. With a good balance between the elements of horror and comedy, the acting is serious when it is necessary, even if most people also have very fun moments. Where Animal Among Us also shines through its fascinating history, as discovering the place where the story takes place keeps the excitement high of a scene at the # 39; other. The story takes many unexpected turns as it moves towards the end, ending with a slightly bizarre, but ultimately satisfying ending, and addressing the many intriguing side-tricks introduced into the story in a percussive way.

Although he has worked as an actor for many years and directed a handful of short films, this is director John Woodruff's first feature film. I am already curious to see what comes next from the horror filmmaker based on my pleasure of Animal Among Us . Plenty of fun with excellent distribution and an interesting story, the film is definitely worth the detour. Animal Among Us is available on DVD and VOD on November 19, courtesy of Uncork & d. Entertainment.

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