A Fun Sequel That Almost Topples the Original

The movie LEGO 2: The Second Part is a sequel that s turns out to be worth it It was worth waiting five years, with the same intelligent humor, elegant visuals, inevitable blows at DC and shocking cameos that made the original movie so successful. The only missing item in this sequel LEGO is the amount of charm that the first LEGO movie brought to the table.

The LEGO 2 movie picks up where the first film stopped, before taking five years, introducing us to a new LEGO world unlike anything we've seen before. Although the majority of the characters are still present, with the exception of Bad Cop by Liam Neeson and Will Ferrell's President Business Business, the characters are quite different from the way we remember them in the last movie, this which from the start can make the difference with this suite. his predecessor. Many animated suites tend to have the bad habit of only repeating the first movie beat, with very little change in characters or locations. While The LEGO 2 movie still follows the path of a similar hero, the sequel extends this LEGO film world.

Apart from his new places and some new characters, what made The LEGO Movie 2 differs from its predecessor in its use of songs. While The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie featured a song that the characters would sing ("Everything is Awesome" and "Who's the Batman?"), The Numbers musical in these films were essentially one-and-done. The film LEGO 2: The second part on the other hand, presents several music numbers over a good part of its duration. The film handled its transition rather well in essentially animated music, the musical numbers being almost always in the "System Sistar", which is the new world in which the characters are presented in the second act. Because of this, the sudden addition of musical numbers seemed to be one of the rules of this new world, rather than a forced addition as a result just to increase music sales.

: The trailer of LEGO Movie 2 is here and everything is again impressive

The film was certainly still very amusing, with many laughs from the beginning to the end, but it had an inevitable flaw, which connects to the twisting of the plot at the end of the last movie. The first film LEGO ended with the revelation that all the film's events took place on a table in the basement of Will Ferrell, Emmett representing the son of Will Ferrell who simply wanted to play with all the toys. Naturally, the sequel should recognize this turn of the plot and make it a big part of the plot in order to remain a decent sequel.

Therefore, to understand that the events of the LEGO characters was an analogy. for the characters of the actual action was present practically from beginning to end. Unfortunately, this made it more difficult to connect to LEGO characters as an audience simply because we already knew that they were not the real protagonists of the story. Although the way the film has treated it is certainly better than the one they 've made, apart from humans, this story has still harmed the charm that made the first film of the year. such a success. In the end, this lack of charm was inevitable, so all things considered, the writers handled this inconvenience quite well, making the most of what they had.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is certainly a fun sequel that stems from what the first film has established in the best possible way. The cast of stars adds a lot of fun to the mix, especially the double roles cast by Chris Pratt. This is a Warner Bros. movie. Images not to be missed, whether you have children or not.


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