A Great WWII Movie Gets Invaded by Zombies

Films have been filmed on World Word II since the end of the war and almost all have been produced. Zombie movies have been around for even longer and it is getting harder and harder to find something unique to do with these two genres. So why not throw them both in a blender with a big budget and see what happens? This is the case of Overlord which eventually became a great World War II movie that contains zombies. It’s a fun and thrilling combination.

Overlord who recently held his world premiere at the Fantastic Fest, is centered on a team of American paratroopers charged with charging into France occupied by the Nazis barely a few hours before D-Day in order to carry out a very important mission for the success of the invasion. The group is responsible for destroying a radio transmitter so that the Allies can provide air support to ground troops. Unfortunately, things are not going as planned and the group of soldiers is reduced to a small handful who must perform this task itself. Desperate, frightened but determined, they join a young Frenchwoman who helps them in their perilous journey. Things get even more complicated when they discover a mysterious Nazi laboratory at the location of this radio transmitter. Outnumbered, overworked and overworked, the group will face enemies like no man has ever seen them to win the day.

It is interesting to embark on a film like this. One might think that the idea would be to tackle sci-fi zombie projects as quickly as possible. This does not really happen to be the case. This is not so much something that should be perceived as a spoiler, but it’s a way to set expectations. Through and through, it’s a rise and go, men on a mission war movie. Even without the science fiction element at stake, it would work as an incredibly effective drama on World War II. It is filmed as such and carries the dramatic stakes and tension of such an exercise. But all the zombie business is sprinkled, never used too much, to give it that little something extra. This is not strangely the first war movie to contain zombies, but it’s probably the best.

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JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot Production Company Reunited Overlord ] and she overflows with her sensitivity. It is actually quite easy to understand why many thought that this film would end up being a film of Cloverfield and could very easily have been turned into a movie. However, it works much better than his own thing. It’s mysterious, action packed, funny, catchy and purely enjoyable. All we have come to know and love Abrams for having integrated his productions. But that does not take anything away from director Julius Avery. While Abrams gave him the ball to run and hints throughout the course, Avery settled here as a man with some advantage. A bit of a bite that Abrams has not yet displayed in his own director efforts. Avery was the ideal type to bring for the first time to Bad Robot the products bearing the rating R

As in any great war movie, the group of soldiers we follow is of crucial importance. In this respect, this film is absolutely essential. Jovan Adepo is our mysterious protagonist; Wyatt Russell, who for the first time wears the first boastful words of his father, Kurt Russell, is their intrepid and intrepid leader; John Magaro is the nightmare and Iain De Caestecker is the fearless and insensitive tagalong. The group gels perfectly and everyone takes the material with the utmost seriousness. There is not really any language in the cheek, that’s why this movie does not take off once the zombies have come on the scene. It’s just that terrifies great stories of Nazi secret experiences that come to life.

The story for the Lord was prepared by newcomer Billy Ray and it looks like this sort of thing could very easily have been considered a banana turned into an original SyFy movie. Instead, they took this story, passed it on to one of Hollywood’s most prolific producers, associated Ray with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Mark L. Smith, and donated a huge budget. to the movie. This is what feels Overlord . Something that is, but should not be. But we should all be very happy that this is the case. Paramount picked up the jackpot with this one.


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