A Hilarious & Raunchy Tween Adventure

Good Boys is a torrid adventure that will make you roll in the aisles. The film is absolutely hysterical; Ninety minutes of glorious laughter without stopping. Several colleagues praised after seeing the premiere at the SXSW film festival. My expectations on foot were quite high. I am pleased to announce that Good Boys is delivering on its word of mouth marketing promise. He pushes the boundaries with teenage hijinks, but has a sweetness that tempers raw vulgarity.

Three sixth-grade boys from a suburb of Illinois have a serious dilemma. They want to attend the kissing party of a popular classmate, but honestly, they have no idea what the actual act of kissing involves. Max (Jacob Tremblay) wants his first kiss to be with Brixlee (Millie Davis), a girl for whom he has worked so far. Lucas (Keith L. Williams), a sincere and honest man, supports Max, but he is devastated after learning that his parents are going to divorce. Thor (Brady Noon) wants to sing in the school game, but feels that it must be cool to impress the popular kids.

Max is forced to use his father's drone (Will Forte) to spy on Hannah (Molly Gordon), his teenage neighbor. She and her friend (Midori Francis) spot the drone, then capture it easily. Upset by the spying of the boys, the girls refuse to return the drone. The boys concoct an absurd plan to retrieve it, which snowballs into a day of epic calamity. The self-proclaimed crew "bag of beans" are the best friends. The boys will discover this kisses affair together.

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Good Boys is produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the same team that made the Superbad Pineapple Express and the Sausage Party . The film is loaded with sexual jokes, creeping swearwords, references to drug use and drug trafficking. The difference here is that the main characters are twelve years old. Normally, watching a child cursing like a drunken sailor and playing naively with sex toys would be a bridge too far away. What should be reprehensible, the bad taste is treated with tact. The audience screams when the Good Boys confuse a sex doll for a RCP mannequin. The humor lies in their ignorance. The boys are innocent and react appropriately to the material.

Good Boys soothes the spirit by emphasizing civility towards women. Boys are not misogynists. They are curious about anything sexual, but understand the importance of consent. Kissing a girl is a two-way street. They learn the madness of spying on their neighbor. His private life had to be respected. The odyssey that covers the drone becomes a significant growth experience. Friendships lead in all directions. The crew of the "bag of beans" comes to realize that they each have individual goals and differences. Good Boys surprises with a lot of heart.

Good Boys Star Children, but is strictly intended for adults. The young Jacob Tremblay continues to chart an impressive path as an actor. Her "hulls" are an excellent ensemble. Boys are sympathetic protagonists, tearing out coarse antics without getting dirty. Good Boys is a Good Universe and Point Gray Pictures production distributed by Universal.

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