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Weathering With You is a masterpiece of storytelling that does not deviate from the rules to give its audience a happy ending, even if the characters are allowed to have one. The confusing selfishness of its tracks is really pushed back in a finale that will let you contemplate its narrative well-being. And that will cause you to question your own position on love and what you would do to be with someone. It’s a difficult push to encourage when you’re not in the shoes of the protagonist. It literally makes everyone suffer just to be able to hold hands with a girl made of literal magic.

At the same time, we are supposed to buy this tragic love story and give of ourselves so that these two creatures can fly away towards sunset while the rest of us suffer from terrible weather and from a landscape that folds in on itself. How much you actually develop to care for these two characters themselves, you will have to weigh the end with both hands. But dragged and screaming into the real world, I'm not sure it would suit anyone, no matter how fully invested in the souls at the center of this metaphorical fairy tale.

And that is part of the charm of the film. It really is a masterclass in script writing and plot execution every turn of the dial. The people behind the most recent Star Wars trilogy could have learned quite a few lessons by watching this movie alone, on the structure, the plot and not showing the hand until that it is absolutely necessary. Oddly enough, the film was snubbed at the Oscars in the International Film and Animation category, although I'm not sure if it was even eligible.

The story itself is simple, but quite complex on a molecular level. It is an almost old-fashioned feeling in that it allows a male hero to be at its center, the woman arriving almost as a sign of hope and inspiration. A magical creature that gives bright sunshine to those who allow it to share its gifts. It is pure emotion, the feeling you feel when you look at that certain person who can brighten up your whole day. It will make you reflect on that special person in your own life, who brings the sun into the room every time she arrives. However, this girl literally brings the sun, giving off a constantly rainy sky for the right price. recently premiered in theaters on January 17 this past weekend. It was available for dubbed and original language screenings in cinemas across the country. Directed by Makoto Shinkai, it has been hailed as a masterpiece of animation cinema. The imagery is breathtaking and should captivate even the most ardent hateful anime. You couldn't even think of it as a traditional anime.

Makoto Shinkai got his start as a director with the international hit hit Your Name released in 2016, which has become the most profitable animated film of all time , at the time of its release. Man is considered a rock star in the world of animation, and if you haven't seen his work, you will understand why after watching Weathering With You . It is a piece of fantastic science fiction that ranks among the best, whether in action or animation, and I dare say it even has a strong AND vibe, if they changed that strange alien brown with an attractive little teenage girl who can control the weather. on climate control, and it has a political message wrapped around like seaweed on rice, but at its core lies an old-fashioned love story that will surely captivate even the most hardened hearts. Until they realize how inverted and selfish the main protagonist is. It is an aspect of the captivating tale that is difficult to get around, but it is on purpose. And that is the structure on which it all rests. It’s his vanity. What do you want to allow others? And what will you sacrifice?

Weathering With You can be dissected in different ways. It is a fable first and foremost about a fugitive named Hodaka who falls in line with a shaded operation in search of Inquire stories about UFOs, Bigfoots and other strange strange phenomena that cannot be fully explained.

The young adolescent boy is pushed on a quest to find the truth about "Sunshine Girls", and he ends up finding one of his own. This individual can manipulate time. It rains a lot in Tokyo. Hina has the power to separate the clouds and make the sun shine on various landscapes. She is a powerful weather manipulator and a heartbreaker to start. Hodaka falls in love with her. He saves her from an unfavorable fate. And together, with Hina's sincere little brother, Nagi, they worked to make the storm clouds disappear.

Of course, all of that comes with a plug, and it's quite complicated. The less said, the better, as the story unfolds slowly to reveal its secrets in a perfect banding of raindrops, breathtaking heartbeat and lots of humor and pathos. It is intended for all ages and will be fondly regarded as a true masterpiece for years to come. And if you haven't seen the movie, this is the backdrop on which you should let everything take over. And if you've ever witnessed the power of this animated film in its colorful soul, 4DX will only strengthen your love and enjoyment of the film. With any story starring a Sunshine Girl, you can guess that there is a lot of rain, and 4DX uses this environment to spend a wet night at the multiplex. The sensation of rain constantly falls on your skin while pierced through this tale serves as a real piece of immersion. And there's something exciting about feeling the real wind and weather hitting you as it unfolds on the screen. efforts that employ this sweet gimmick. There are a lot of jostling seats, as we take a real tour alongside these characters. We get a pretty big show of fireworks which is enhanced by this complete immersion in the fantasy world that Makoto Shinkai has rendered in tones of true beauty that captivate at every turn. And it's snowing. There is literally snow falling during two different scenes. In a word, magic. And does nothing to distract from what's going on, only helping to inform and push the story home for his enjoyment. If you've never seen a 4DX movie before, this is a great place to start and a perfect example of what it can do to really improve the theatrical experience.

Weathering With You is a masterpiece of animation and storytelling that will appeal to almost everyone. The end is complex and messy and will make you consider your own state of emotions and what you are ready to sacrifice. There are still some mysteries to be solved. Not everything is easily arranged on the table. It’s just beautiful. And comes this weekend as an almost perfect cinematic experience. You can visit Regal Theaters for a list of Weathering With You screenings closest to your home, office or school.

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