A Stylish and Delightfully Effective Thriller

Paul Feig decided to do something radically different after directing the film directed by a woman Ghostbusters . did not go as planned. To bounce back, he decided to tackle the adaptation of a suspense novel by the first author Darcey Bell and give up his usual sensitivity of “comedy first”. He did something we had never seen him do before. The result? A simple favor may well be Feig’s best film to date. It’s an incredibly elegant and deliciously effective thriller that might even make Alfred Hitchcock proud.

A simple favor is quite simple at first. It’s centered on Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a single mother who runs a modest vlog for other mothers. She befriends Emily (Blake Lively), who is her opposite. Beautiful clothes, a work of fantasy, an ideal husband, a house and an apparently perfect life. But as their friendship grows, Stephanie discovers some of the flaws in Emily’s idealistic existence. Things get very complicated when Emily disappears without a trace. Stephanie is given a mission to discover the truth behind the sudden disappearance of her best friend, while doing her best to comfort Emily’s husband, Sean (Henry Goulding), who presents his own set of problems.

Paul Feig is best known for his humorous exploits and for his work with women-led castings. These two elements are still very important to this film and there is something in the way it treats female characters above average, but it’s a cold thriller like stone, full of twists, surprises and shocking revelations. Seriously, there are a lot of twists and turns in this business, and sometimes we feel like we have a lot of them, but they all lead somewhere. It is useful. This is not designed just to be shocking for the sake of shocking. It is there that thrillers such as this one can really lose their way and that the movie really stays on the tracks in this regard.

Similarly, a trailer No. 2 of Anna Kendrick in search of Blake Lively

This is not at all the kind of thing that one would have thought Paul Feig would eventually do, but he gets incredibly well. That said, it still looks like one of his movies. It’s always very funny, but the humor is not necessary nor embarrassing. The scales are miraculously balanced. Tonically, it ends up looking like Gone Girl and Gossip Girl and, as odd as it sounds, it really works. In terms of overall appearance, this is an elegant movie. If you’ve ever seen Feig, he’s a man who usually wears very sharp three-piece suits everywhere he goes. It looks like a movie that was designed by a man in a bright three-piece suit. This is perhaps the best way to explain it.

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively were the two perfect co-directors of this situation. Kendrick has many talents and we have known for years. She can sing, be funny, cute, serious. Everything works for her and she has had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate her talents over the years. A simple favor is only another perfect vehicle for her. As for Lively, she has shown talent over the years, but she rarely has the opportunity to really shine. She disappears in this role and, without a doubt, it is her best showcase in terms of ability to interpret. Lively, at its best in this movie, is easily the best thing about it. Henry Goulding, who recently had a nice ride in Crazy Rich Asians further strengthens his position as the man of the moment in another interesting role.

It ends up being a nice moment. film on all phases. Well done, meticulously created, funny, exciting, unexpected, rhythmic and purely entertaining. A Simple Favor is not just the film that Paul Feig needed to bounce back, this film also needed him. Do not let the latest Lionsgate news escape you.


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