A Yeti Adventure from DreamWorks Animation

Ready for the Yeti? DreamWorks Animation has released the first teaser trailer for Abominable who will be visiting a theater near you this fall. The animated comedy adventure follows a girl and her Bigfoot, in love with the snow, as they embark on an incredible journey around the world to discover the true meaning of the family. You can find your own way on September 27th.

Big. Bigger. Abominable . DreamWorks Animation shared last September, in theaters, his latest 3D film with the creators of the successful franchise How to train his dragon . Coproduction by DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio Abominable takes the audience on an epic 2,000-kilometer journey from the streets of Shanghai to the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Himalayas.

Teenager Yi (Chloe Bennet, SHIELD agents of Marvel) meets a young Yeti on the roof of her building in Shanghai, she and her playful friends, Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and Peng (Albert Tsai), call it "Everest" and embark on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family at the highest point on the planet.

But the trio of friends will have to stay one step ahead of Burnish (Eddie Izzard), a rich man eager to capture a Yeti and zoologist Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson) to help Everest to go home.

Abominable is written and edited by Jill Culton ( Open Season Monsters, Inc. Toy Sto ry 2 ) and is produced by Suzanne Buirgy ( Kung Fu Panda 2 Basic ). Peilin Chou from Pearl Studio also produces. The film is produced by Tim Johnson ( On the hedge Home ANTZ ), Frank Zhu ( Checked In ] Lotus Code ) and Li Ruigang ( Kung Fu Panda 3 The Taking of Mount Tiger ) and is co-directed by Todd Wilderman ( of the Trolls ., The Croods ).

Abominable will be released by Universal Pictures worldwide as of September 27, 2019. In China, the film will be distributed by Pearl. The troupe includes Chloe Bennet, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Albert Tsai, Eddie Izzard, Sarah Paulson, Tsai Chin and Michelle Wong.

If this trailer sounds a bit unfamiliar to you, as you've already seen, it's because The competing animation studios have released their own version of Bigfoot over the past few years. last two months. What happens often with the big studio movies. They always say that the first is the most successful. Warner Bros. released Smallfoot almost a year after the day of the Abominable release in theaters. He arrived on September 28, 2018. He has a new score of 76% and an audience score of 63%. The film was a modest box office success, winning $ 83.2 million and $ 214.1 million worldwide.

Next, Missing Link, an animated stop-motion adventure from Laika Studios and Annapurna Pictures, a similar but slightly different take on the Bigfoot myth. He slightly resisted criticism, achieving a 89% satisfaction rating. Spectators only slightly appreciated it Smallfoot with a performance index of 68%. However, maybe feelings of fatigue Yeti, not much have come out for the critical darling, who was released on April 12 this year. Up to now, it has only gained $ 16.4 million in the domestic market, without it being possible to speak of a number of international releases.

The missing link at the time of the lease was slightly different from Smallfoot . Abominable opted for the same white haired Sasquatch, which could hurt him at the box office in September. With the trailer, you can also view the two posters below. And be on the lookout for the first teaser poster in the theater halls because it is fur, which runs out of the glass case for all the pets. This preview comes directly from DreamWorks Animation.

<img src = "https://cdn.movieweb.com/img.site/PHy6cLGY9pZuCA_1_l.jpg" alt = " Abominable photo 1" title = " Abominable picture 1" />
<img src = "https://cdn.movieweb.com/img.site/PHo1vnqJcVe7rr_1_l.jpg" alt = " Abominable photo 2" title = " Abominable Abominable .




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