Aladdin Trailer #2 Arrives Revealing Will Smith as Genie

Disney has released a new look at their remake of and Will is blue. This follows the first teaser published in October and a series of images at first glance published last December. We saw the genius of Will Smith, Abu the Monkey, the ugly Jafar, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, but that's our best insight into the adaptation . There were hints that Disney would drop the new images during Super Bowl after launching two new banners for Aladdin and The Lion King a few weeks ago, but the studio decided not to move.

Although The Lion King was called not to be "really" in a real situation, the same can not be said for Aladdin . That said, it took a lot of effort in the post-production process to make the film as magical as possible, especially given the fact that production was completed in January of last year. . It was announced in 2016 that Guy Ritchie was participating in the script of a screenplay written by John August, and since then, Disney fans have wondered how everything could look like.

Fortunately, the wait is over and everything else. is superb. Aladdin is a live action film featuring many digital embellishments to bring to life some of the most magical aspects of the original film on the big screen. Guy Ritchie and his team have done a remarkable job, as evidenced by the latest images that Disney has released for us during the big game. In fact, Disney does not even need to participate in promoting their projects at major events like the Super Bowl but it is certainly welcome when they do.

Will Smith promises that Genie will be blue in the remake of Disney's Aladdin

The remake of action by the lion king has been struggling in recent months after the revelation of the almost remake teaser remake of an iconic scene from the original film made in CGI. It turns out that the only words uttered in the Aladdin teaser that came out in October came from the original film. It would not be a big deal, but the scriptwriters responsible for these scenes and dialogues would not receive cuts in Disney's new live-action remakes. It seems that it might be quite difficult to get credit for the new adaptations.

The Live Adaptation Aladdin The adaptation should follow much of the same story since the 1992 classic, much like the rest of the Disney's real action. [2019004] Dumbo Aladdin and the Lion King alone, is released in 2019, which is quite huge. The take of Tim Burton in Dumbo is the first to come out of the grid and it will more than likely set the tone for the rest of the ongoing remakes of animations. However, Aladdin and The Lion King are two of the biggest gems of the Disney catalog released. So they have the potential to be huge. You can check out the latest TV commercial of Aladdin below, thanks to Disney.

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