Alien Unleashes 6 Live-Action Short Fan Films Celebrating 40th Anniversary

From the first thrilling scene of Chestburster to Xenomorph's last horrific attack, ALIEN has terrified audiences around the world for decades by building a faithful with his unforgettable moments of appalling suspense, acid bleeding Alien and strong female heroines. To Celebrate the Alien Fortieth Anniversary of this groundbreaking sci-fi horror film, Twentieth Century Fox Film has partnered with the global creative community Tongal to offer to unconditional fans an opportunity to develop and produce original short films in the world of Alien .

After reviewing over 550 filmmakers' scripts, six definitive stories were selected. The filmmakers had unprecedented access to the franchise, including storytelling, creatures and characters, to bring to life a terrifying new experience. Each of the six short films presents a fascinating new story for fans while paying tribute to the original film.

The deployment of the six short films will begin this week with the exclusive screening of the first four at Emerald City Comic Con. in Seattle on Friday, March 15th, followed by C2E2 in Chicago on Saturday, March 23rd. The last two shorts, both helmed by filmmakers, will be screened exclusively for fans at the WonderCon on Saturday, March 30, followed by an animated panel with the directors. Short films will be published weekly on IGN from 29 March. Then, from May 3, they will be available on the official website [ Alien Social Channels Anthology and Alien, accompanied by exclusive content behind the scenes.

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ALIEN: Synopses of Short 40th Anniversary

ALIEN: Alone – Hope, an abandoned crew member aboard the abandoned chemical carrier Otranto, spent a year in try to keep his ship and keep it alive as both slowly fall apart. After discovering a hidden cargo, he may put everything under stress to put the ship in search of human life. Written and directed by Noah Miller.

ALIEN: Confinement – Four survivors find themselves stuck aboard a small rescue capsule in a deep space. In trying to gather the details of the outbreak that led to the destruction of their ship, they find themselves uncertain about the confidence of knowing if any of them could be infected or not. Written and directed by Chris Reading.

ALIEN: Harvest – The crew of a damaged spaceship destroyer has minutes to get to the emergency evacuation shuttle. A motion sensor is their only navigational tool keeping them safe while a creature in the shadows terrorizes the crew. However, the biggest threat may have been hidden from view. Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell.

ALIEN: Night Shift – When a missing trucker is discovered, hungry and disoriented, his colleague suggests a nightcap as a cure. As the closing hours approach, they are reluctantly allowed inside the colony's supply depot, where the trucker's situation is deteriorating, leaving a young supply worker alone to take over. things in hand. Written and directed by Aidan Breznick.

ALIEN: Ore – As a mining researcher in a global mining colony, Lorraine aspires to improve the lives of her daughter and grandchildren. When her team discovers the death of a minor colleague under mysterious circumstances, Lorraine is forced to choose between fleeing or defying the orders of management and facing her fears of fighting for her family's safety. Written and directed by the Spear Sisters.

ALIEN: Specimen – This is the night passage in a colony greenhouse and Julie, a botanist, does her best to contain the suspect soil samples that triggered his sensitive laboratory dog. Despite all his efforts, the laboratory unexpectedly goes to a complete stop and is stuck in the interior. She knows little, an alien specimen has escaped the mysterious cargo and a game of cat and mouse follows as the creature searches for a host. Directed by Kelsey Taylor.

In addition to the series of short films, Fox has launched several other interesting initiatives around the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the original film Alien . The USC School of Cinematic Arts is currently organizing a special exhibition of elements of the six franchise films Alien including the conceptual drawings of HR Giger, winner of a Oscar, as well as costumes, props, souvenirs and fan art. All Alien will end with a 24-hour global celebration on Alien DAY, Friday, April 26. Join the conversation and follow @ Alien Anthology on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and dive into the terrifying world of Alien on Alien


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