An Entertaining Sequel with Stunning Animation

Frozen 2 does not repeat the wonders of the original, but is an entertaining sequel that will delight the onlookers . Maturity is the theme of the future adventures of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. Everyone is an adult, facing an uncertain future and struggling to face the challenges of responsibility. Frozen 2 is a darker journey, but illuminated by breathtaking animation and breathtaking action scenes. There is enough humor for balance in an avalanche of new songs. I did not find the music as compelling as the first movie. That said, an unusual title, "Into the Unknown", is beautiful and fascinating with its high falsettos.

Frozen 2 begins with Elsa and Anna while they are children bedtime. Their bursts of laughter amaze when their parents tell them about a Northern Enchanted Forest and how a tragic incident shaped their lives. In the present, Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) celebrates a happy life in Arendelle. Anna (Kristen Bell) shares the joy of family and friends with Olaf (Josh Gad). Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) has a new dilemma.

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Elsa hears a voice singing him from the north. She is inexplicably attracted by this, but does not understand why. Arrendelle is suddenly attacked by the spirits of water, air, earth and fire. Citizens are running for their lives. Elsa admits to her sister and Kristoff that the moment has coincided with the mysterious call. Everyone decides to go north and look for where it comes from. They find the enchanted forest, but it is blocked by a magic barrier. Elsa uses her powers to enter, only to find that she is trapped once inside. The sisters discover a long-standing secret that is at the origin of Elsa's power. They must face an ugly truth that threatens their lives and the existence of Arendelle.

Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are back as writers / directors. Their link is still the indissoluble link between the sisters, but recognizes the inevitability of change. Elsa and Anna have different destinies as young women. The magic that gave Elsa her phenomenal gifts inspires a deep desire. His wish is to go "in the unknown". Anna and Kristoff are in love. Kristoff's sub-plot, which struggles to raise the issue, takes a heroic resolution. The characters, like all adults, must follow the paths of change; or be dragged independently. Frozen 2 teaches children that the simple aspirations of youth become more complex as we grow older. Everyone must finally follow his own path.

Olaf steals the show again. The endearing snowman is charming and lovable. It offers moments of lightness well synchronized when Frozen 2 bogged down in the plot. A melancholy air, "When I Am Older", tells Olaf the benefits of aging. Everything that he does not understand will be revealed over time. Olaf is also hilarious in accurately judging the precariousness of their situation. His occasional, we could be killed at any moment of this adventure, prospects is laughing to laugh funny. It's a safe bet that Josh Gad enriched Olaf's dialogue with his improvisational skills.

Frozen 2 will melt your eyes with incredible animation. Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck deserve a shot of golf to improve their visual effects game. Elsa faces the elements throughout the film. She tames the spirit of water, visualized as a horse, to cross the Black Sea. A little girl sitting next to me almost fell from her seat after leaning forward. She was completely upset by the beauty of the water horse.

Frozen 2 put to the test my patience with the onslaught of songs. The soundtrack is not as catchy as the first movie hits, "Let It Go," "In Summer" and "Do you want to build a snowman?" Some of the new music is piling up unnecessary melodrama. This was the biggest detractor for me, but it's purely a subjective opinion. Frozen 2 is a well-designed animation film providing enough learning moments for children. It will undoubtedly be a giant at the box office. Frozen 2 is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Disney.

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