Animated Transformers Cybertron Movie in the Works

Fans of Transformers are lucky because we are going to explore the Autobots and Decepticons, the birthplace of Cybertron explored in a new movie. Bumblebee was recently screened in theaters and, although he did not do the usual commercial film business, he has been very well received by critics and fans so far. As such, Paramount will likely continue to expand its franchise and include a fully robotic animation film.

At one point, Paramount launched a writing room for Transformers, which generated more than a dozen potential projects. , one of which went entirely on Cybertron. The long-time producer, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, went around to promote Bumblebee and, in a recent interview, he revealed that the film is still in progress and that it will be animated. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“We actually have an animated film in the works that will tell the whole mythology of Cybertron, and the fans will love that.”

Bumblebee explores Cybertron a little, but the film still largely takes place on Earth. Beyond that, the real action franchise just did not deal much with this very important location. But as we know, the planet has a long and rich history that could be explored in such a movie.

Not to mention the fact that many people fell in love with Transformers through the cartoon of the 80s. So, why not do an animated film released theatrically ? It worked pretty well for Spider-Man recently. Director Travis Knight of Bumblebee in a different interview, recently spoke a bit about his desire to see a computer-animated movie unfolding on Cybertron.

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“Well, actually, it would be fully animated because the beginning of the movie is fully animated.So, you know, there is live lighting and action textures and everything else that’s what I feel, but yes, I’d like it Seeing this movie … I have to tell you … that it was one of the biggest thrills for me, in this process, it was to give life to Cybertron and see its downfall., just a preview, because that’s where the animated series started and we wanted to start that movie in the same way, pay tribute to that and it was so much fun, I tried to get as far as I could into those movies opening moments, just because it’s the movie I’ve always wanted s ee, I’d love to see a movie like that one . “

Even if it would be technically animated, the CGI would give it a real appearance, in the same way that the remake of Disney The Lion King looks alive, but he is not technically alive. For the moment, it’s unclear when this Cybertron movie might see the light of day, but we’ll probably hear more from Paramount about the future of the franchise once they see how Bumblebee behaves box office in the long run.


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