Avengers 4 Directors Revealed Endgame Title Months Ago on Twitter

Marvel finally revealed the title and trailer of Avengers 4, now baptized . Avengers: Final . The fans were extremely excited, considering all the anticipation ahead. But, technically, the title was revealed months ago. Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo revealed the title in September. The fans just had to watch hard and some fans were doing it enough to understand.

On September 19, the Russo brothers shared a behind-the-scenes photo of their Twitter account that, at first glance, did not seem to reveal much. Just some random stuff scattered on a movie board. But the caption of the picture said "look hard". This is exactly what many fans have done and, as it has been pointed out, these random elements scattered on the board, when examined in the right way, actually define "Endgame". Admittedly, it is quite difficult to distinguish if someone did, but the title is hidden in the image.

Not only did the directors of the film reveal the title in September, but hidden deep within it. an otherwise innocuous image, but it was one of the most heavily suspected titles for Avengers 4 before the revelation. Not only does this seem appropriate, given the events of Infinity War but Dr. Strange actually told Tony Stark about Titan after losing their battle against Thanos, which led Strange to to make the stone of the time, which "we are in the final phase now." Some Marvel fans began to suspect that Avengers: Endgame would be the official title and that this Proved accurate.

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This may not be the most telling title in itself, but it could Be one of the most exciting things in this movie. We heard that Marvel was going to unveil a bold and different type of marketing strategy for tracking Infinity War . None of the dusty heroes showed up in the caravan and, apart from discovering that Ant-Man had escaped the quantum realm, they did not really show up. Of course, the trailer came with some revelations, but for the most part, we are really left wondering what to expect next year. And it's pretty exciting when you think that it could easily be one of the biggest sequels ever made, if not the biggest one when it comes out in theaters next year.

But that's what Marvel Studios earned the right to do. They have earned the trust and loyalty of moviegoers around the world who, regardless of the elements contained in the pre-release trailers, will see what our remaining heroes will do to take revenge on Thanos and avenge the universe. Avengers: Endgame is scheduled to arrive in theaters on April 26, 2019. Be sure to check a side-by-side comparison of the title revelation from the GOAT Movie Podcast Twitter. below.


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