Avengers 4 Prelude Comic Sneak Peek Has Arrived

The first preview of the film Avengers 4 came out and came out. Back to the beginning of Infinity War . The three-issue comics mini-series takes place in the Marvel film universe and unfolds before the events of Avengers 4 recounting the latest Avengers film. With the latest questions and answers about Russo Brothers and the Prelude comic, Marvel Studios prepares the fans following by thoroughly explaining everything that preceded, a clever way to look back and also indicate that some events of Infinity War ] are going to be very important to Avengers 4 in more ways than originally intended

The Avengers 4 The preview of the cartoon Prelude shows the attack against Thor and the Asgardians. It’s a familiar territory, but the fans really hope the comic Prelude will finally release the official title to the masses. The date of the release of the street is December 5 and the rumor ran that the trailer would fall early that morning on Good Morning America . However, the release date of the trailer has already been teased several times, so no one really knows it yet.

That said, it would be quite strange to receive the Avengers 4 Comic strip without the official title attached to it. In addition, sources say this week will be a memorable day for MCU fans. The second trailer of Captain Marvel will air during Monday Night Football’s half-time show later in the evening. The fans just got the first video in October, so seeing Carol Danvers tonight is already a pretty impressive surprise. It is also thought that the long-awaited video game of the Avengers will be unveiled this week, which is also huge news if it actually happens.

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The Russo brothers recently held a question-and-answer session after a special screening of Infinity War in Los Angeles. The duo of directors immediately announced that he would not talk about Avengers 4 or his trailer. The result was a 2-hour deep dive into the latest Avengers film, with filmmakers explaining their decision-making process. One of the key subjects was the choice not to film simultaneously Infinity War and Avengers 4 . The directors made the decision to film them separately at the beginning of the process, noting that it was two very different films instead of situations 1 and 2.

We know that Avengers 4 will remain autonomous if viewed with Infinity War but the other details are kept secret by Marvel Studios. Fans who hope that comic Prelude will give a spoiler will be disappointed. However, this will shed new light on Infinity War and the key elements that prepare the next film. You can see some panels of Avengers 4 The Prelude comics series below, thanks to Marvel Comics.


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