Avoid These Witches at All Costs

There are some pretty interesting choices that acclaimed directors have made over the years. Gus Van Sant decided to make a remake on the fly of the classic Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho after creating his own classic in Good Will Hunting . In the same way, Luca Guadagnino embarked on a reconfiguration of Susario’s classic created by Dario Argento, as an extension of his Oscar-winning drama . Call me by your name . This is without a doubt a bold choice and one that will make a lot of people talk to you. Unfortunately, Suspiria is intended to sow discord and for many, myself included, it will be nothing more than a long and unpleasant experience.

Suspiria is centered on a determined and confident dancer, named Susie (Dakota Johnson), who becomes the new star of a renowned dance company World. Her mentors look at her quickly, not for the reasons she might have hoped for. This dance company secretly houses an ancient group of witches who believe that Susie is the girl they’re waiting for. The artistic director of the troupe (Tilda Swinton) fears a little, but takes Susie under her wing to prepare for a ritual that the coven is desperate to carry out. However, a bereaved psychotherapist suspects that there may be more activities in this dance company than he has in his eye and that He stands in the middle of the unsuspecting women of the dance troupe and this dangerous coven.

Sometimes this work requires one to comment on something they might not see otherwise without a professional obligation. I had suspected that Suspiria was not my cup of tea before this screening at Fantastic Fest and I could not have been more accurate. Nevertheless, I try my best to try to objectify things and I never appreciate the shame of a film. Despite the fact that some moviegoers and horror-goers tend to make it a masterpiece, I just can not see it for myself and I just felt trapped by the experience of watching these events unfold. . It’s a punishment of 152 minutes and I have to imagine even those who, for some reason, love this nightmare must be able to admit that there is fat to cut. It’s been two and a half hours and we have the impression that it is possible to cut three hours.

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I’m sure those who do not Suspiria will be accused of not understanding. I’m sure my peers who enjoy this movie will shake their heads and balk at my personal disgust. But I suspect that I will not be alone. Not far away. This is by no means something that has been designed for the casual viewer. I do not even feel like it was designed for the average horror fan. It’s a small target that this thing is going to hit. Fantastic Fest, a paradise for genre lovers, was the perfect place to present such a movie and I assure you that I was not the only one to jump into the lobby. Again, the queue for the exclusive poster after the screening was also quite long. Once again, the division.

The film buzzes and, because of its extreme slowness, the vile, undeniably revolting, violent images that pop up from time to time are even more shocking than they otherwise would have been. This is not scary. It’s just hideous. There are so many incredibly difficult moments to watch. If there had been no professional obligation, I would have left well before the climax of the film. And this climax is so long, free and deeply unpleasant that I will have to spend a lot of time actively trying to erase it from my memory. It’s horrible to the point that it bothers.

What is strange is that I expected Suspiria to punish me especially with its disturbing visual effects. Although there are enough disgusting pictures that it will be difficult to shake, it is the pure boredom of this movie that has knocked me out. This does not mean that there is no craft involved. It’s an artistically well composed work. There are a ton of talented individuals lending their talents here. Tilda Swinton, for example, is her usual amount of stun. In fact, the most fun part is trying to determine if the mysterious primitive actor Lutz Ebersdorf is actually Swinton under heavy prosthetics. And this is the first time Radiohead’s leader, Thom Yorke, has made a film. How cool is it? But beauty and competent craftsmanship can not spare the experience of being really tedious. Even the best chef can prepare a tasty dish using only the best ingredients.

There is an old saying that you have to put lipstick on a pig. It’s an exceptionally beautiful lipstick applied to a horribly naughty pig whose belly has been opened and the intestines overwhelmed, simply asking to be put to an end his misery. Of course, the lipstick is quite nice but the beast exists otherwise as described. This is Suspira . Amazon and Luca Guadagnino have designed something that will not fail to spark conversation, but it’s a conversation for which I do not want anything anymore.


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