Babadook Director’s New Movie Had People Fleeing the Theater & Screaming at the Screen

The Babadook Director Jennifer Kent creates a bit of controversy with her latest film , because the first projections would have caused cries of moviegoers on the screen while others come out with disgust. Called The Nightingale Kent's new film is a violent thriller taking place in colonial Tasmania. He recently made his debut at the Sydney Film Festival on Sunday, but may not have received the warmest welcome.

The Irish actress Aisling Franciosi plays the role of a convict forced to suffer violence from a British officer played by Sam Claflin ( The games of the hungry ). In the troubling film, the character of Franciosi witnessed the brutal murder of her husband and grandchild, the agent and his friends, forcing her to take revenge for her agony. Needless to say, this subject is beyond the seriousness of reality and that some viewers just have not heard it.

"I do not look at that, she has been raped twice before," said a woman. as saying that she left the screening. Although nudity is reduced to a minimum, there are in fact many scenes of rape in The Nightingale making the film all the more disturbing to watch. This will certainly not be something to check for sensitive souls, and although Kent agrees that the film is a "difficult watch", she says the film is actually an accurate description of how things were going for these people at this time. time. "While The Nightingale contains accurate historical descriptions of colonial violence and racism towards our indigenous people, the film does not deal with" violence " said Kent in a statement. She adds: "It is the need for love, compassion and kindness in the dark moments".

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Alongside Franciosi, Kent also says that she was contacted by victims of sexual assault congratulating her for the movie, praising her for her accuracy. In addition, the director remains "extremely proud" of her work, even if its content is too difficult for some viewers to support. The filmmaker also pointed out that hundreds of viewers all stayed on the spot to watch the movie until the end, although some people left unhappy. Critically, the film is also doing quite well, currently at 77% cost at Rotten Tomatoes. It seems that perhaps The Nightingale tells a good story, but with the use of many graphic images.

The debut as director of Kent took place in 2014, while she was conducting . ] The Babadook which became a great independent success. It tells the story of a widowed mother forced to face a sinister supernatural presence at home, and no other film is comparable to this one. It would become one of the best commented films of the year, gaining almost universal praise with a score of 98% rotten tomatoes. The Nightingale will be Kent's second feature as director.

The Nightingale

is destined to be read for the first time August 2, 2019. It remains to be seen how this controversy will affect ticket sales, but more often than not, stories like this end up helping more than anything. In any case, the film should be able to make you feel something, one way or another. This information comes to us from ABC.


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