Bette Midler Will Perform Mary Poppins Returns Song During the Oscars

Did the Oscars finally get a decent result this year? After many adventures, it was announced that Bette Midler would be on stage to sing the Oscar-nominated song "The Place Where Things Lost" during the live broadcast. And when she's done, she should not have a dry eye in the house anymore.

Emily Blunt was not able to interpret the song of Mary Poppins Returns in the TV channel So, last week , the Academy began to tease a very special surprise guest. Immediately, fans began to speculate that it would be Julie Andrews, the original Mary Poppins, who would not appear in the film. Andrews, age 83, has had complications as a result of a vocal chord operation and she is singing little at the present time.

Bette Midler announced the news of her coming on stage to sing the song. live this weekend. She tweeted this to all her fans, who are certainly more than happy that Midler is participating.

"So, (drum roll) ladies and gentlemen, I will sing (it's singing) at the Oscars on February 2 24 … the nominated song of" Mary Poppins "…" The place where lost things go "… so excited !!"

Bette Midler is no stranger to reward shows. She has brought the world "The Wind Behind My Wings" from the hit movie Beaches and has won 3 Grammy Awards, 4 Golden Globes, 3 Emmys and 2 Tony Awards. She is not yet holder of EGOT, but not without having tried. She was nominated for 2 Academy Awards for best actress at at the Oscars the first time in 1980 for The Rose and again in 1992 For boys .

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The Oscars have been a hot focus of controversy this year. In just one week, the show will fly without a presenter for the first time in thirty years. The last time, in 1989, was an absolute disaster. Corey Feldman even performed his iconic dance, Michael Jackson, although the musical number between Rob Lowe and Snow White overshadowed it. The clips available on Youtube will please all moviegoers, so perhaps this year, Oscarcast will broadcast more viral moments. If the 91st Oscars do not open with Rob Lowe and Snow White, it's a huge missed opportunity.

Kevin Hart was supposed to host the Oscars, but some old anti-gay tweets and his refusal to apologize immediately. , although he did it later, led him to get away from the scene. The last dust occurred when the Academy decided to distribute 4 awards during commercial breaks. After almost everyone in Hollywood had a problem with that, the Academy canceled the decision and now, all prizes will be awarded live during the show.

As for Bette Midler, who sings her Mary Poppins song, the Oscars originally, I only wanted to do two of the nominated songs. & # 39; Shallow & # 39; from A star was born and & # 39; All stars & # 39; from Black Panther . This has also sparked criticism of unfairness, so the Oscars have also changed in view, allowing the five nominees to be heard. This is where Bette Midler comes in. You can view her tweet below directly on Bette Midler's official Twitter.


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