Bird Box Is Most Watched Netflix Original Movie in First Week

The Netflix

holds the record for the largest number of streams in a single week on the wharf. According to the broadcast giant, the horror film starring Sandra Bullock has already been broadcast more than 40 million times since its release last week, relegating David Bright to second place . The Netflix Twitter account published this success with a celebration message, which you can read below.

“I removed my blindfold this morning to discover that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts had already looked . – The best of the first seven days for a Netflix Movie! “

Bird Box has been everywhere on social media since its publication last week. The horror movie is notable for not showing the monster, but it will not always be the case. At one point, the producers insisted on showing one of the monsters during a scene with the character of Sandra Bullock, Malorie. Bullock said that it was “a green man with a horrible baby face”, but he confessed that it made him laugh, so they cut the scene because it looked so ridiculous.

The original Netflix horror film also received fairly mediocre reviews, compared to A Quiet Place . However, many horror fans stand behind the film, with iconic author Stephen King being one of them. King says that he found the movie “fascinating” and that some of the mediocre reviews could come from the fact that the movie is an original of Netflix and that it was not previewed in the movie theaters. Others called Bird Box the scariest thing that they ever saw.

Another Sign of Bird Box . The popularity of this album is due to the incredible amount of memes it has generated in just seven days. A quick search on social media shows a ton of memes that mimic the film and some main parts, including the monster’s drawings, which are quickly shown when Gary’s character reveals them. It is easy to understand why Netflix is ​​enjoying its greatest success so far with Bird Box after a search on social media. There is all that is needed: debates, theories, then the incredible wealth of memes created in just seven days.

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It seems that does not show the monster in Bird Box was finally a very wise decision. The mystery keeps the movie alive on social media, inviting all kinds of discussions and speculation about it. Anyway, Netflix is ​​surfing on another wave of success, which could be short-lived. The film Black Mirror Bandersnatch was screened today, which could end up taking first place with the only loyal clientele of the show. The fact that Netflix is ​​the first “Choose Your Own Adventure” movie for adults with a ton of different possibilities and more than 5 hours of film adds to the attraction of this attraction. You can read the celebration message below, thanks to the Netflix Movie Twitter account.


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