Bird Box Was Watched by 26 Million U.S. Netflix Subscribers in First Week

It seems that Netflix does not blow smoke when they say that 45 million people have it watched Bird Box during the first week of its release. The streaming service has provided tons of original content over the last few years, but many of their films have gone through tough times with criticism. And even those who aroused their love, it was hard to know how successful they were, because Netflix is ​​notoriously stingy when it comes to sharing information about ratings. However, Nielsen just pressed them on this one.

In many ways, Nielsen is the gold standard for grading. Although Netflix has refuted what other companies have claimed to be accurate scoring figures for their titles in the past, this new Nielsen report seems to be aligning itself. According to the company, Bird Box was streamed by an impressive 26 million US subscribers to Netflix during its first week of publication. That means that about 44% of their subscribers in the United States saw Bird Box which is a pretty amazing figure.

This comes just a week after Netflix announced a rare glimpse into their ratings, when they said that 45 million people had seen their thriller / thriller during the first week in the world. That says a lot about the success that Bird Box had since Netflix felt the need to brag about it. With these new numbers from Nielsen, this seems more than plausible and shows how much the success of the largest streaming service in the world is significant.

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The film, directed by Susanne Bier, made understandable comparisons with A quiet place . But instead of being silent, those who are stuck in this hellish landscape can not watch the monsters, otherwise they risk a certain death. Actors include Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich. With such strong numbers, it is no wonder that there is already a demand for a sequel, but Bier is content for the moment to focus on the fact that Bird Box is doing well. Here's what she had to say in a recent interview.

"We just finished it! It's funny, I kind of read the people who ask for a sequel and I say to myself: Hey, hey, hey, we just come So, let's take advantage of it for the moment. "

Bird Box currently holds an overall approval rate of 63% , both critics and the public, for rotten tomatoes. One can not help but wonder if Netflix would have done well if they had made a bigger theatrical rollout for the movie. He played in a limited number of theaters across the country, but there were not many wickets to speak of, as many people were clearly happy to watch the movie streaming at home. In any case, this is another big hit for Netflix and another brick in the wall of their grip on the streaming market. This date had already been reported by Deadline.


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