Black Panther Wins Marvel Studios’ First Oscars

Marvel Studios has finally broken its series of defeats at the Oscars. Black Panther was nominated for seven awards at the 91st Annual Oscars and, marking the start of this year's amazing ceremony, the Marvel blockbuster won two awards in the Best category costume design. and Best Production Design categories to start the ceremony. Ludwig Goransson also won the best original musical score, winning three of six Oscars for which he competed throughout the evening. The adaptation of Ryan Coogler's comic book as being that of the centuries.

Black Panther was also nominated for the best Oscar film in addition to the best mixing and sound editing. But he did not win in those categories, losing Best Picture to The Green Book which was perhaps the most controversial victory of the evening, many believing that this film did not deserve not the great honors of a variety. reasons.

The price of the best costume design has been put in place. The Favorite who was also nominated for the best film, was widely considered the favorite (no pun intended) to win this trophy. Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry presented the award. They impressed themselves with their costume choices. Ruth Carter, who instead won for Black Panther said this in her acceptance speech.

"Marvel may have created the first black superhero, but in costume We have made him an African king It's the honor of my life to create costumes Thank you to the Academy Thank you for honoring African royalty and how women can watch and direct on screen Adding vibrainaum to costumes is very expensive! "

Ruth Carter was understandably and visibly moved in her speech at the Oscars. She became the first black woman to win the Best Costume category. The Black Panther prevailed over the other candidates, including The Buster Scruggs Ballad The Returns of Mary Poppins and Mary Queen of Scots . Shortly after this award, the Best Production Design Award was announced. Again, it was the Black Panther prevailing. On strong competition, including The Favorite First Man Mary Poppins Returns and Roma .

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Designer Hannah Beachler and set designer Jay Hart accepted the award on behalf of the film. Beachler has also gone down in history by becoming the first black artist to win the Production Design Award in the 90 years of the category, after becoming the first black artist to be nominated in the category. Period. Thus, not only is this evening expected and expected by Kevin Feige and the rest of the people at Marvel Studios, but it is also a great evening for the Academy.

The Third Oscar Underway to Black Panther was for the best original musical score attributed to Ludwig Goransson. He also delivered a moving speech about his collaboration with director Ryan Coogler at the university for his first student film. Today, 17 years later, they had collaborated in such an important work of Marvel, but also in the history of the film in general.

Black Panther became the first cartoon movie to win a Best Picture nomination after breaking a record $ 1.3 billion at the box office. Marvel had previously scored for nominations for the best visual effects for the three films Iron Man The Guardians of the Galaxy and Its Following, Vol. 2, Dr. Strange Captain America: The Soldier of the Winter and The Avengers . Yet they went home empty-handed. In addition to the other categories that Black Panther was appearing tonight, . Avengers: Infinity War was also nominated in the Best Visual Effects category. He lost against First Man . Prizes were then announced on the official Oscars website.


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