Black Widow Movie May Spill Some Well-Kept MCU Secrets

The Marvel Studios boss, Kevin Feige, gives us some clues about what to expect with the Black Widow . . The independent film has not yet been announced by the studio, although it is already filming in Eastern Europe. Scarlett Johansson has been seen on the set with her characteristic look, Natasha Romanoff, but the project, like anything else in the Marvel film universe, is shrouded in mystery for the moment. Fortunately, Feige gave us an idea of ​​what we can expect.

Natasha Romanoff is dead. We have all seen this happen in Avengers: Endgame so the film Black Widow must be somehow a precedent for logistical reasons. There have been rumors to the contrary, but Kevin Feige has almost guaranteed a precedent in this case. That being said, Feige has now explained how to go back for this story could push Phase 4 further. He explains.

"There is a method to madness, there is always a method and it is fun to do things in an unexpected way.There are ways to make less informative prequels or to answer questions you have not made. " You have ways to do some previous research where you learn all kinds of things you never knew before. "

When it comes to the Black Wid movie, it looks like we're going to see the more informative prep that Kevin Feige mentioned. a possible model, the boss of Marvel Studios has a rather ambitious goal, which is logical.You do not become one of the largest franchises in the world taking no risks.Feige had this to say about the "supposed " Black Wid continued

Bound: Black Wid had a very different work early in Avengers: Endgame Script

"I consider Better Call Saul as a great example of a prequele that stands almost alone apart Breaking Bad as it tells you time will tell how we went with a supposed film Black Widow . "

MCU, Kevin Feige and his team managed to achieve something quite special.In the course of eleven years, they created 22 films (23 if you want to count Spider-Man : Far from home ) that are all connected in different ways.There are holes in the plot, but we have to wait for it when we are working with different directors and writers at Over the years, for the most part, everything is going very well and a precedent Black Widow will probably not be different from the rest in terms of the captivating history associated with it.

When Kevin Feige officially announces Black Widow this summer seems to be the most logical moment with the Comic- Con and the San Diego D23 way Spider-Man: Away from home will be released in rooms in a few weeks and will officially close phase 3 by ushering in phase 4, where we think Black Widow will be one of the first in the new mysterious phase . You can check out the rest of Kevin Feige's interview at Gizmodo.


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