Blumhouse’s Invisible Man Remake Goes After Elisabeth Moss

Blumhouse is currently producing a reboot based on the classic film Universal The Invisible Man and the project is looking to sign on Elisabeth Moss to star. As previously announced, the next film will be written and directed by horror director Leigh Whannell. Perhaps best known for co-creating Saw with James Wan, Whannell also directed Insidious: The Last Key and Upgrade for Blumhouse. It should be noted that the discussions are still in their infancy, but if all goes well, Moss will play the lead role in the film. For now, discussions are still ongoing and the cast has not been formalized yet.

Previously, Johnny Depp was attached to the limelight in a reboot for The Invisible Man before committing Universal Whannell to create his own vision of classical history . Word is Depp no ​​longer involved in the project and another actor will portray the individual title holder. However, beyond the news of Elisabeth Moss likely to be released, no other name has yet been made public. Since Depp was about to play when Universal originally intended to make the film as a link to their Dark Universe, which has just been canceled, its withdrawal appears to be a loss of time to change gears creatively by taking the project in a whole new direction.

Before The Mummy with the bomb blast of Tom Cruise at the box office in 2017, Universal hoped to create a whole new cinematic universe featuring their classic monsters. Because this big-budget production ended up costing the company a lot of money, Universal canceled all its plans for the creation of new films. At the moment, the idea is to restart Universal Monster movies, but with a reduced budget this time, so that the projects are not so risky. Given Blumhouse's track record in producing extremely profitable horror films with very modest budgets, it makes sense that Universal associates with the studio to produce new films for these classic characters.

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Moss will appear soon in the Universal horror film titled Us which is the sequel given by Jordan Peele to his resounding success . Get Out ]. She will be co-starring with Lupita Nyong & # 39; o and Winston Duke. This film will make its world premiere this month at SXSW in Austin, Texas, before releasing on March 22 around the world. In addition, Moss will appear in the upcoming films Her Smell and The Kitchen and she will also return for season 3 of the popular original Hulu series The Maid's Tale . It is clear that the actress has a busy schedule, but considering her talent, playing it in The Invisible Man can only help the film.

We will have to see if an agreement can be reached that brings Moss on the project. It's not clear when people can expect to see the movie go to the big screen, but production seems to be on the fast track. With the current casting negotiations, it should not be long before some names are officially added to the film. This information comes from Variety.


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