Blumhouse’s Invisible Man Will Be Low Budget, May Use Dark Universe Scripts

According to Jason Blum, the next The Invisible Man the reboot will have a small budget and that his studio is ready to use scripts written originally for Dark Universe. "The Lost Universe" is the name that Universal has given to their cinematic universe, centered on the reboot of classic monsters like Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and Invisible Man. The studio began with the restart in 1945 of The Mummy with Tom Cruise, but the film was unfortunately critically and financially bombarded. This immediately put the plans on hold for the dark Universe and all hope seemed lost for its interesting future. But recently, Blumhouse Chief Jason Blum came to the rescue.

His studio took over the reins of rebooting the horror monster, with The Invisible Man being first on the list. Blum recently spoke to Collider about the restart during the promotion of Happy Death Day 2U and revealed that he hoped that some very promising strategies would make the restart – and the possible futures – more fruitful than their predecessors. He also recently hired the director of Upgrade Leigh Whannell, to direct The Invisible Man because of his exciting action.

"It was like the Blumhouse version of The Invisible Man It's a low-budget movie.It does not depend on special effects , computer graphics, waterfalls, but super characters, really convincing, it is [thrilling]it's a little edgy, it's new.These are all things that correspond to what our company does. And it's a story of Invisible Man so she ticked both boxes and we reacted because I think Leigh is just a director A +. "

According to Blum, The budget of the invisible man should not exceed 10 million dollars. It is clear, therefore, that Blum intends to move away from the big, heavy-budget style of Universal Universal that we have seen too much in The Mummy . What's exciting about this evolution is that Blum has assigned Whannell not only to direct, but also to process the restart script. Whannell will probably work from the beginning rather than recycle the script written by Now You See Me the scribe Ed Solomon, who wrote the original Invisible Man script for The Dark Universe. with Johnny Depp.

The Blumhouse formula for The Invisible Man is exactly in their wheelhouse. The studio broke into the horror of a micro-budget in 2009 with Paranormal Activity and has since launched tremendous waves over the years with recent successes such as The Day of Death . and Halloween . They have firm support for what makes a single horror movie based and hope to help prevent the reboot of the future monster from getting too far from the bottom.

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Despite the fact that Blum is in charge of the restart, it is unfortunate that Johnny Depp is not invited back. Seeing that the film will have a fairly small budget, the studio will surely look for smaller stars rather than stars such as Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp. But again, Blumhouse seems to be going in the right direction. It should not be too long before we know more about how the studio plans to reboot, so stay tuned for more updates. This news comes from: Collider.


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