BossLogic Imagines Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine and It Could Work

Daniel Radcliffe as the next Wolverine? It's an idea that has been put online and now we know what it might look like. Hugh Jackman has decided to hang up the claws for good and despite the desire of fans to see him back, it is a decision that the beloved Australian actor is holding. Thus, once the X-Men franchise is under control at Marvel Studios as a result of Disney's merger with Fox, they will need a new Wolverine. And the former actor Harry Potter became one of the favorite groups of fans discussed on the Internet at the last minute.

Recently, Daniel Radcliffe conducted a Wired Autocomplete interview and, at one point, it came that people ask if he's going to be the new Wolverine. He joked about it, but pretty much remembered the suggestion, even though he dismissed it as a real possibility, citing his size much smaller than that of Hugh Jackman, as a problem. In any case, the artist BossLogic, who regularly imagines such casting with his art, revealed his interpretation of Radcliffe in the role of Wolverine, after several of his followers had suggested.

"This one is for all those who tagged Daniel Radcliffe #wolverine"

The actor is imagined with short, damaged hair, a thick beard, scars on his angry face, a white tank top and claws. It's a compelling look. Although Daniel Radcliffe is and will always be best known for his work in films Harry Potter he has since played in many films, mostly Indian, which have demonstrated his talent beyond the world of witchcraft. Plus, he proved that he could carry the weight of a franchise on his shoulders, which would be essential for anyone assuming the role of Wolverine. Especially as a result of someone as beloved as Hugh Jackman.

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, will eventually be the one who will decide who will release the clutches of Marvel's film universe, as predicted by Disney's merger with Fox. finish in June. For the moment, there are no actual names proposed as to who may be on their list, but all indications are that the collapse of X-Men in the MCU is in its infancy.

Similarly, does Hugh Jackman have a secret avenger: an end of the match?

No matter what they are, Hugh Jackman is going to be a hard act to follow. He played the role for much of the past two decades and concluded with Logan which is, in many ways, one of the best comic strip movies ever made. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for many to separate Wolverine from Jackman. Can Daniel Radcliffe handle this kind of pressure? And, more importantly, would it look good in the classic yellow suit? Be sure to check out Radcliffe as a Wolverine on the BossLogic Twitter account below.


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