Brandon Lee’s Death on The Crow Set Remembered by John Wick 3 Director

Director John Wick 3 Chad Stahelski has a long history in the entertainment industry. He began his career practicing martial arts and had his first great victory when he was asked to come in and finish The Crow after the tragic death of Brandon Lee. Stahelski and Lee were good friends and they worked a lot together. It was therefore not easy to take the role after the death of his friend, even though it is thought that this is what Lee would have liked. Since then, all the experience has shaped the identity of Stahelski as a person and director.

Brandon Lee was killed on The Crow put to death by a series of errors. involving an empty bullet combined with a dummy bullet, which accidentally left the room with the gun, striking and eventually killing Lee. It's an incident that has changed the entertainment industry forever. Chad Stahelski was good friends with Lee at the time of his death and remembers the situation. Asked about the impact of the incident on his approach to filmmaking, Stahelski reveals that it's much more than that. He had this to say.

"I imagine that you are approaching life.Hear, you can talk about security and laws (on a movie set), but you might as well talk about military work, or actions of the police, you can talk about construction, you can talk about any type of factory work, there are safety factors in all these industries.were very, very intelligent.

You are tired, you make a small mistake, it makes you worse … You know why car accidents happen? It's a bit silly like spilling a glass, combing your hair, looking at the mirror, reading a text and that you are dead.Of course, it was a safety standard that definitely transformed the firearms industry …

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This is retro Tive, which fears, is like most things in life. Nobody wants to change anything until something bad happens. But I know a lot about this story, and there is not anything to point to, it's a lot of stupid little mistakes that should not have happened.

Brandon Lee According to Chad Stahelski, he was the son of Bruce Lee, late-year martial arts legend, but he only entered the world of action as later in his life. "He did not just become a company, he actually enjoyed it, that's what he was a fan of," says Stahelski. John Wick 3: Parabellum left "He came later in life and worked in the ass, he had an incredible work ethic, he did not fly at all the name of his father. "

Chad Stahelski remembers the first day Brandon Lee told him that he had landed the main room in The Crow which is a the director's favorite book, but that Stahelski did not know how to go for the role, but he was very excited for his friend and even a little jealous of his copy of the book signed by the author James O. Barr. "I was like, 'Motherf * cker!' It was so great that I could not be happier for him," said the director. At the time, Stahelski was still working at the UFC and he remembers receiving the initial call regarding Lee's accident. He explains.

"Two months later, I was still competing at the time, I was in the UFC wrestling team – a predecessor of the UFC I was going to do a fight in Japan with my teammates and I was getting ready to fight.We got a call, it was a weekday morning.There was an accident that night and Brandon was in the hospital, we start working: "Ah, that sucks, it sucks, is he okay?" Oh, so good, he'll be fine. "

We did not know the depth, then we continued to train, we did a three-hour training session, and about half an hour later, Brandon was in a coma. not good. F * ck. Okay, f * ck, we're just going to continue to train, and just go to the end. "We just had to end the training session when we received a call regarding his death … He's hitting you.You're like'c, mec, he was 28 years old. Two years older than me at the time. It cradles your world, it strikes you.

However, Chad Stahelski and his relationship with Brandon Lee were not at the end of their sentences … Three or four months later, The Crow Stunt coordinator Jeff Imada called Stahelski to convince him to take the risk of finishing the film, knowing that he was so close to Lee, things changed very quickly afterwards. to say about the initial call then the descent.

"I understand that there are people who would have said," I do not want to do that. "I knew to how good Brandon was to do it. I was never in this private family world. I knew Brandon professionally at the gym. So I went there and I met Alex Proyas who, to this day, is a great director, I sat literally in a basement of the studio in North Carolina and he wanted me to look at all the pictures of Brandon.

To Alex's credit, he took me there and he was destroyed. I had never met him before, but he was very emotional and very open. He says, "Well, listen, it's been months since I got to that. I did not know if I wanted to finish, but here is the market. I like Brandon. We have an excellent working relationship. I firmly believe in 100% that he would like me to finish this movie. If you agree with that, I would like to work with you. "

While it was not easy for Chad Stahelski, he assumed The Crow .He admits that it was not He was not an actor or a true performer in this way so it was difficult, but he sat down and watched hours of Brandon Lee's performance to try to determine his appearance and his mobility Stahelski explains

"On the first day, I put on makeup and went to the set where the accident occurred and, yes, you are touched. But you are young, you have these ideas, you say to yourself: "Here is what he would have liked." And who knows, is not it? But, to this day, I continue to believe that Brandon would have wanted the thing to be done and successful, and today, it's still a cult classic, it's still one of a kind. of my favorite movies. I do not know what I would think of that.

I was a little moved at first when I was invited to see him. But, years later, I still look at him. I have this reservation, but I have good feelings. I am proud of the work. This situation, of course, is invariable, so at least it appeared as such. It was a good testimony of who he was. "

Things Finished Working at the End. The Crow is considered one of the best movies of the 1990s and Stahelski was able to help him finish the film and pay tribute to Brandon Lee.It is something that has never left him and that still insinuates in his work. including that of working with Keanu Reeves on the franchise John Wick Stahelski thinks that Reeves and Lee are related spirits.The Chad Stahelski interview was originally performed by


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