Brendan Fraser Is All in for Another Mummy Movie as Long as It’s Fun

Could we witness Rick O'Connell's return on the big screen? If Universal Pictures decided to return to this version of the franchise of The Mummy Brendan Fraser is expected to revive his former hero, monster hunter, hunter of artifacts. Now, the real question is whether this can really happen.

First, let's dig into what has been said. Brendan Fraser, currently playing in the Doom Patrol franchise on DC Universe, was asked about The Mummy's first starring 20 years ago. The actor said enthusiastically that he would be happy to review the franchise, but his return is subject to a major condition. Here is what Fraser had to say about it.

"Absolutely! I have to say, I know how difficult it is to make this movie.I've tried to do it three times, and the essential ingredient is fun.You have to So, there is a fun way to approach it again, I'm leaving. "

There is a lot of love for Stephen Sommers, made in 1999, The Mummy and entertainment has an important role to play in this regard. Hollywood, in the modern era, is still largely obsessed with difficult reboots and / or cinematographic universes. We had the example of The Mummy of Tom Cruise in 2017, which was to open a new era for universal monsters with the dark universe. Needless to say, this did not happen as planned, as the movie was a critical bomb and Universal abandoned its plans for the Black Universe after a single entry.

The years 2017 The Mummy ] garnered $ 409 million worldwide and tanker in the country. On the other side of the coin, Brendan Fraser 's first entry brought in $ 415 million and sparked a trilogy that grossed more than $ 1.25 billion at the global box office. In addition, this led to the swarming of King Scorpio, who was the lead film's lead in Dwayne Johnson, after his first appearance in 19459003 The Mummy Back , via a memorable horror of the CGI. In any case, even by modern standards and without adjustment for inflation, the franchise The Mummy placed under the leadership of Fraser, is a great success. It does not hurt either that Rachel Weisz, who plays the role of Evelyn Carnahan in the series, had a major upsurge recently after her turn in The Favorite .

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Currently, Universal is working with Blumhouse Productions on The Invisible Man. The idea now is to produce low budget movies based on classic monsters, assuming this first adventure goes well. This could make a fourth Mummy movie in the previous version of the franchise, which has been dormant for 11 years since The Mummy : The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, a difficult sell. Once again, Hollywood is fueled by nostalgia nowadays and if they could put together the right pieces of the puzzle, it was something that could work. At the very least, Brendan Fraser is happy to take this call if the opportunity arose. This news comes to us via CinemaBlend.


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