Brendan Fraser Recalls Almost Playing Superman in Abandoned DC Movie

Brendan Fraser had already almost depicted Superman in a film written by J. J. Abrams, and the actor had recently revealed the casting process. The star of The Mummy apparently went so far as to don the red and blue suit, and could not help admiring herself in the mirror. "You feel a little invincible, [like]" I can fly, "says Fraser, adding," The cloak makes you think you have the power to fly even if you know you do not have one. "Yet, although the opportunity to become Clark Kent never materialized for Fraser, the actor remains proud of donning the tights, boasting:" I have this line! I did it. "

With Brett Ratner at the helm, the proposed project would have been titled Superman: Flyby .The story would have been placed in an alternate version from the story of Superman where the planet Krypton does not explode.Rather, Kal-El (the future Superman) is sent to Earth by his father to avoid a large-scale civil war. he became the man of steel, Ty-Zor, the cousin of Kal-El, invaded the Earth with an army of sinister Kryptonians, leading to a confrontation between the two. the story remain confidential, Warner Bros. is given a lot of trouble to keep the cover of the scenario, for example by printing it on crimson paper with black ink to prevent any photocopy. "I was allowed to sit in an office and read it for an hour. It was like a secret operation, "says Frasher about the experiment.

While Brendan Fraser was closely related, he was not the only one. leading role in Flyby Among other names competing at that time were Ashton Kutcher ( That Show of the 70s ), Matt Bomer ( Doom Patrol ), Paul Walker ( The Fast and Furious ]) and James Marsden ( Westworld ) The project stopped growing, which led Rattner to make the decision to Mr. McG then steps in to take the reins, but leaves shortly after the production himself.Despite requests from Abrams to Warner Bros. to let him direct the script himself, the decision was made to take Bryan Singer instead, at this point, the Flyby script was entirely abandoned at a new creative direction for what would become Superman Returns .

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While Superman was a longtime one of the superheroes the Most famous and most loved on the planet, only a small number of actors have managed to play it on the big screen. George Reeves, the 1951 film Superman and the mole-men was the first man to do it in a live-action movie. Famous, Christopher Reeve later starred in four consecutive films, starting with Richard Donner's classic [19789003] Superman . Brandon Routh then took the role of Superman Returns taking up the same version of the character as Reeve. More recently, Henry Cavill played the role of the character's appearances in the DCEU, including his own Man of Steel . Steel flying to the theaters. The film Supergirl having to shoot in 2020 arousing much interest, it would seem that a new film Superman did not come out. As for Fraser, he would eventually find his way into an adaptation of DC, as can be seen now in the DC Universe series Doom Patrol . This information comes from Yahoo.


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