Brightburn Clip Pits the Indestructible Antihero Against a Lawn Mower

Sony Pictures has released a brand new clip of BrightBurn . Last year, we learned that the director of Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn, was producing a very mysterious horror film. Eventually, we discovered that his little project was actually a horrible interpretation of a Superman character, who essentially asked if Superman was hurt rather than good. This clip alone is enough for anyone to wonder how bad such a situation could become, and this is not for the crazy.

The clip sees the child in question who clearly discovers that he actually has powers. that people do not have. We see an overturned lawn mower, blades always running at full speed. The kid slowly approaches the lawn mower and, without any dialogue, his thinking is clear. "what if I put my hand in it?" To avoid spoiling, there are surely many people who will watch this clip and scream on the screen as it unfolds. Safe to say, it's confusing. It's the alternative reality with a great person in which no one would ever want to live.

Although Sony can not in any way characterize this character as Superman or attach it to the DC universe, it is very clear that the tone of this movie was "Superman, but bad". At a time when superhero films dominate the landscape, this seems to be a fascinating way to approach gender from a unique angle. The universe of DC is lucky. Superman is a force for good. It would be so easy for him not to be. It's the flip side of the coin. James Gunn is immersed in both horror films and comics because he is behind such films as Dawn of the Dead and Slither as well that Guardians . movies for Marvel. He feels like the right guy to help make something like this a reality.

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James Gunn simply produces. This is definitely a credit for the project, but other people here assume creative responsibility. David Yarovesky ( The Hive ) is the one who sat in the director's chair for this one. Brian and Mark Gunn, James's brother and cousin, wrote the screenplay. The cast includes David Denman ( Power Rangers The Office ), Elizabeth Banks ( Pitch Perfect of LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part ), Jackson A. Dunn ( Shamelessly Glow ), Matt Jones ( Mommy Meredith Hagner ([19459004)].] Set it Up ] Younger ).

This occurs in an overcrowded summer that features not only other superhero films such as Spider-Man: Far From Home and Dark Phoenix but also featuring many horror films such as Child's Play Annabelle Comes Home and Crawl Can we compete soon? Brightburn should be released thursday May 24. Do not miss the new video clip the Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel below.



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