Brodie’s Secret Stash Revealed in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, Jason Lee to Return?

Will Jason Lee resume his role as Brodie Bruce in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot ? According to the appearance of Kevin Smith's latest article on social media, this certainly seems to be the case. Smith posted a photo of the set, which stars Brodie's Secret Stash. The fictional comic book store is owned by Brodie Bruce, character of Lee Mallrats . Smith subtitled his message with an encrypted message that teases Lee's return. It reads: "On Monday morning, a 48 year old man sneaks into the attic and plays again with all his favorite toys …"

Jason Lee has no longer worked with Kevin Smith since 2006 Clerks 2 and he has not represented Brodie Bruce since 2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back . Bruce is one of the favorite characters of fans of the Smith and Lee universe to have given birth in a way that few actors / professional skaters could have done. Lee has adopted the cool attitude of the skate world and brought to the country comics and superheroes, creating a rather original character.

Many Kevin Smith fans have been quick to respond to his message on social media, imploring this. whether Jason Lee is confirmed for the film. In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Brodie's Secret Stash was introduced and winks at the comic book store of Smith, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash , located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Lee has been out of the camera for a few years and his return as Brodie would be great news for Smith and Lee fans.

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Kevin Smith Not Revealed Any of the cast members in & Jay Silent Bob Reboot aside from himself as Silent Bob and Jason Mewes as Jay. However, Smith is looking for fans for Bluntman and Chronic's cosplay for a massive comic-con scene in the film, which runs from the end of the month until the end of March in New Orleans. Smith and the studio are encouraging fans to craft their own original costumes for a chance to be featured in the next sequel.

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot officially scheduled to start production on Monday. February 25th. It's a project Kevin Smith has been talking about for years. So it's very exciting to see that this will finally come true. That being said, the return of Jason Lee is enormous and one can only imagine what other cameos and lead roles will have the movie. Mark Hamill has expressed interest in coming back as a Cocknocker, so hopefully that will happen too. We can not have Bluntman and Chronic without the naughty Cocknocker. As for who else will come, we will have to wait and see. You can check out Brodie Bruce's tease below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Twitter account.


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