Can Joker Break Venom’s October Box Office Record?

This weekend, a killer clown will find himself at the top of the box office. Chapter Two of the IT worked well for two weeks, but of Downton Abbey and Abominable took over . . Now, while Warner Bros. is preparing to release the controversial film Joker all eyes are turned to the adaptation of DC Comics which is considering a record start. The question is whether the controversy will hinder this record. Or are all these discussions just a little more than a sound about the movie's financial prospects?

In recent weeks, the overt violence described in Joker directed by Todd Philips, has raised various concerns. Some theater chains are reinforcing security this weekend for fear of potential shooting and Philips has not made it easy with its comments on the press tour. Whatever the case may be, film buffs always seem eager to see the film played by Joaquin Phoenix as Joker as part of its opening.

To win the October opening weekend record, the R-rated comic film will have to earn more than $ 80.25 million, which is what Venom had managed last year on his arrival theaters. All the signs indicate that this is at hand. Overall, we expect Joker to earn at least $ 155 million, which should make this success an immediate success for Warner Bros. The film has already received the praise of many critics and even It won the first prize of the Venice Film Festival, which placed it on the way to the glory of the awards season.

No other studio dares publish anything against Joker the rest of the top five will therefore be dominated by the remains. Abominable who had taken first place last week with $ 20.6 million, should slide from one place to the second with between $ 12 and $ 14 million. The animated film has proven to be a resounding success for DreamWorks so far. Downton Abbey and Hustlers should both be in the range of $ 8 to $ 9 million, roughly, land and land at the three and four places. Hustlers The photo of stripper Jennifer Lopez, is expected to break the $ 100 million mark this weekend. which recently crossed 420 million dollars in the world. Although it is unlikely to come close to $ 700 million of its predecessor's expenses, this is yet another clear victory for Warner Bros. Elsewhere, keep an eye on Judy who is expanding this weekend after a very successful launch last weekend. We must not forget either the war war . The Bollywood movie could be in the top ten, opening only on 300 screens. Be sure to check out our full list of weekend box office forecasts and come back on Sunday for weekend estimates. The figures used in this report were provided by Mojo Box Office.

Boxofficelist Joker 82 million

. 14 million dollars

Downton Abbey 9 million dollars

Hustlers 8 million dollars

] ] 6 million dollars

Ad Astra 5.5 million dollars

Judy 5 million dollars

Rambo: Last Blood [1945912] 4.5 million dollars

The good boys 1.5 million dollars

] The war 1 million dollars / Boxofficelist

. , Box Office


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