Can Rambo or Downton Abbey Steal Pennywise’s Box Office Crown This Weekend?

This weekend will be very crowded at the box office. Chapter Two of Computer Science has clearly traced the path of dominance over the past two weeks. The aftermath of the horror brought in $ 39.6 million for a second consecutive victory last weekend. However, a trio of newcomers will see things upset. Lionsgate publishes Rambo: Last Blood 20th Century Fox publishes Ad Astra and Focus Features is the origin of Downton Abbey . movie. The question is who will win?

This is not as simple as a few weeks. The three new weekend box office entrants are expected to make their debut at around $ 20 million, and IT Chapter Two will also be in this range. To complicate matters a bit, Hustlers will not be so far behind. Not to mention that the film has received rave reviews and generates excellent word of mouth until now, which means that it could easily outperform in its second frame. In fact, it could be a very good race in the top five.

Probabilities in Vegas are probable on Rambo: Last Blood . Follow-up follow-up, which again represents Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, earning between $ 20 and $ 24 million. But Lionsgate has put a heavy marketing campaign behind it and the fact that the character has been away for a while could play to his advantage. At the same time, Ad Astra, a high-quality science fiction film starring director James Gray's Brad Pitt, should be close to the $ 20 million mark. The film has been rave reviews, but the intoxicating nature of the material may prevent it from having the mass appeal of something like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar . Given the $ 80 million production budget, this is not likely to reduce it.

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Complete the top five Downton Abbey the big-screen sequel to the beloved television series, and Hustlers the drama of the stripper announced by Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. Some analysts believe that Downton Abbey directed by Michael Engler, will approach $ 20 million, partly thanks to huge pre-sales, but it will be extremely heavy – loaded with pre-sales. As such, it could approach $ 15 or $ 16 million

Hustlers on the other hand, did better than expected with $ 33.1 million last weekend and now generates a legitimate buzz at the Oscars. With a score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film should show at most a 50% drop, which could place it just above Downton Abbey . In almost every case, every studio is a winner here. Ad Astra is the exception, as Disney is likely to suffer from a dull new performance of a Fox title that she inherited during the merger. Be sure to check out our full list of weekend box office forecasts and come back on Sunday for weekend estimates. The figures used in this report were provided by Mojo Box Office.


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