Canceled Fantastic Four Movie Plans Revealed by Ant-Man Director

The film Ant-Man and the Wasp opened its doors about the movie The Four Fantastic never had to do. Unfortunately for Marvel fans, Reed Richards and the gang have never benefited from the big screen treatment they really deserve. All this will probably change in the years to come, since Marvel Studios will take over the rights to the characters after the purchase of Fox. And, after what Reed has to say about what he wanted to do with the franchise, it may be that they already have the ideal type for the final reboot.

Peyton Reed recently participated in a long question-and-answer session following an IMAX projection of Ant-Man and Wasp which he directed for Marvel studios. During the course of the conversation, he spoke a little bit about the time he had worked on a film on Fantastic Four with Fox before Tim Story ended up making the first of his two live shootings on the first Marvel family. . Here's what Reed had to say about it.

"In fact, I developed Fantastic Four when it was at Fox, and it was around 2002 or 2003. I was doing a movie at the Fox at the same time. era and they were I'm going to do Fantastic Four, then I introduced it to Tom Rothman, I've been developing it for about a year and we've had recourse to different permutations and to different writers, but yeah, l & rsquo; One of the great ideas was a montage in the The 60s thing that at the time was structurally similar to a difficult night, where we would not even deal with the history of 39; Origin. "

Not only does Peyton Reed use the Beatles film A Hard Day's Night as a fascinating touchstone in itself, but it also specifies also that they would have probably made a part of it and avoided the original story. It's all intriguing for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, the '60s would have meant revisiting the real age of gold for Marvel Comics. And it seems that previous films have struggled to tackle the original story, while integrating all the rest to create a satisfying story in less than two hours. Reed also explained in part what had been planned in their projects.

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"It was just as if you were in downtown Manhattan and it was there. It was a pretty exciting idea. At the time, it was still 2002 or 2003, very early before the MCU, I had the impression of Fox Fantastic Four, for those who are not avid readers of Marvel Comics, they form the royal family of the Marvel Comics universe, is not it? The first family of Marvel. to make a movie B. So we separated. "

More recently, we had the restart of Josh Trank Fantastic Four which was renamed by critics and fans, and ended up being a huge box office bomb. Since then, the franchise has remained intact.However, as Disney's purchase by Disney is about to end in the coming months, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will have control of the property and will certainly make good use of it. characters.

The idea of ​​Peyton Reed from a 60s film without a history of origin? Maybe. Maybe not, but it would not be. not surprising to learn that Reed is the guy who runs the reboot, considering the success of his pair of Ant-Man movies.To learn more with Reed, feel free to visit Collider for the 80-minute question-and-answer session


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