Canceled Spider-Man 4 Continues to Haunt Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi is very far from his time in making films Spider-Man but the director admits that he still thinks of his unmade Spider-Man 4 continued. In a recent interview, Raimi was questioned about his involvement in Sony's Spider-Man official films and on his fourth installment, which was never made. "I think about it all the time," says Raimi about the canceled movie. "It's hard not to do it, because each summer another film Spider-Man comes out, so when you have one that's not yet born, you can not help to think of what could have been, but I'm trying to focus on what will be, not look back. "

Sam Raimi released his first film Spider- Man in 2002, with Tobey Maguire as webmaster slinger and Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson. As it was many years before the creation of the Marvel film universe, the film was standalone, unrelated to any other superhero movie of the time. He was very successful on release, making more than $ 821 million in ticket sales around the world. The 2004 sequel Spider-Man 2 performed just as well, bringing in more than $ 783 million at the box office. Finally, if Spider-Man 3 of 2007 did not achieve a performance as critical as its predecessors, it recorded the best performance at the box office by achieving an incredible $ 890 million.

Given the continued success of Raimi's films in Spider-Man, Sony had a clear intention of collaborating with him again for Spider-Man 4 . This time, Raimi would seek to present the lizard as one of the villains, and John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway would also have been named instead of Vulture and Black Cat, respectively. Unfortunately, over the years and the script having undergone multiple rewrites, Raimi finally withdrew from the project. After the release of Raimi, Maguire and Dunst followed quickly, prompting Sony's decision to completely restart the series with The Incredible Spider-Man . Is it in the real world?

It is not unusual to remember one's past work. Just recently, Raimi said that he wanted to return to the Evil Dead franchise with a brand new movie and was currently discussing ideas on how to do it. Of course, Raimi fans will know that this is the series Evil Dead that gave the filmmaker his debut in the craft. Before being a huge success with Spider-Man Raimi was the first to bring Bruce Campbell's horror hero Ash Williams to life in a film trilogy. While the train probably left the station for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 4 a new Evil Dead seems much more realistic, even though Campbell insists that he do not return. this time.

We will finally see what is the next step for Raimi and his film career, but the latest film that he produced, Crawl is now in theaters. Regarding Spidey, we can all see Peter Parker's version of Tom Holland also in theaters in Spider-Man: Far From Home . This is an amazing addition to the series of movies based on Spider-Man but despite this, it's hard not to wonder how would have gone the planned sequel to Raimi. You can read more about Raimi's interview on Yahoo.


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