Captain Marvel Character Posters Kick Off 50 Day Countdown

The Marvel Studios published 10 new character posters of Captain Marvel . At the time of writing these lines, the studio is 50 days away from the long awaited film and the expectations are high. Fortunately, the independent film Carol Danvers hopes to have a fairly impressive opening weekend, with lower estimates around 140 million dollars and higher estimates around 180 million dollars, which means that the film could very well make record starts.

Clearly, Goose the Cat was chosen for one of the last pieces of promotional material from Captain Marvel suggesting that he will play a much more important role than a mere feline companion. Goose may have powers drawn from comic books, which could be very interesting and could even explain the loss of Nick Fury's eye. Speaking of Fury, he also figured in the latest series of character posters, with two active eyeballs and a rather intense look. The studio used computer-generated images on Samuel L. Jackson to make it look younger for the early 1990s scenario.

Brie Larson seems to be preparing to pamper somebody. one in the Carol Danvers character poster. No masks included here, just the traditional blue, gold and red costume with a look quite intense to match that of Nick Fury in any of the other posters. Maria Rambeau is also included in the characters posters of Captain Marvel . Lashana Lynch plays the character in the film and she recently revealed that Rambeau is a difficult single mother and, according to Larson, she is the "representation of love" in the film. Obviously, some details remain secret for the moment.

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Yon-Rogg by Jude Law presented in his own poster ] Captain Marvel . It has not yet been officially revealed that he was only playing Yon-Rogg, and he could play another character, even if it remains a mystery for the moment. Marvel Studios have done everything to keep the role of Law mysterious in recent months. The mysterious character of Annette Bening is also featured in her own poster. Many people think that she may be playing the creator of Captain Marvel or at the very least a figure of authority, which could mean that she plays the role of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel in comics.

Korath, Minn-Erva, and the human form of Talos are depicted in Captain Marvel's character. posters too. Ben Mendelsohn Talos is able to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. and becomes the boss of Nick Fury. As in most movies where Mendelsohn is the villain, he should reverse that role. Last but not least, Clark Gregg's agent, Phil Coulson, who, like Samuel L. Jackson, was aged in the early 90's. Only 50 days from the finish, the account Countdown has officially begun and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are probably starting to be quite excited about seeing Carol Danvers integrate into the world. You can consult the posters Captain Marvel below, thanks to Disney.

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