Captain Marvel Pushes MCU Box Office Past $18B Worldwide

Captain Marvel has contributed to the achievement of the Marvel film universe, which has reaches another peak. The latest entry in this massive series of interconnected franchises has been another major success for Marvel Studios since its release last weekend. Carol Danvers, of Brie Larson, the latest heroine to join the group, has done more than her share to help strengthen MCU status as the most popular thing in Hollywood, if it's not the domain. more extensive entertainment in general.

With the impressive shot brought by Captain Marvel throughout the week, the film grossed $ 509.6 million worldwide. Add to that the total of the other 20 films from the MCU so far and now exceed $ 18 billion in box office receipts. For what it can be worth, it averages $ 857.1 million per entry, which is staggering. The least profitable film in the MCU is until here The Incredible Hulk which only reported $ 263.4 million in 2008, with Infinity War the most big business figure to 2.04 billion dollars.

The long-term outlook is on the rise. Captain Marvel still has a long way to go and, in the current state of affairs, it's a safe bet that the adventure led by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden exceeds the $ 1 billion box office mark before the end of her race. So much for those trolls trying to limit the chances of the film box office with all these negative reviews. This would make the seventh film of the MCU to cross this course. Not only that, but Marvel still has some major releases expected to arrive later this year, which could easily push them past the $ 20 billion mark or even more.

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Avengers: Endgame expected to arrive on the month next and will seek to conclude phase 3 of the MCU. Even looking at the slightly smaller photo, it will solve one of the biggest chancellors in the history of cinema, the mortal hit of Thanos that wiped out half the life of the universe. It is not difficult to imagine that this corresponds at least to the fact that Infinity War managed to make, if not exceed, that number. Then there is Spider-Man: Far From Home who will see Tom Holland's Peter Parker share the screen with Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of Mysterio. It seems quite plausible that this one, which hits in July, could also represent $ 1 billion.

In the state, Captain Marvel is approved at 79%. Review rating on Rotten Tomatoes, going with an audience score (maybe not accurate) of 63%. This places the user in the lower end of the spectrum within the MCU, from a critical point of view, but makes its performance all the more impressive. This shows us the strength of the Marvel brand and the great variety of things that can be done in this universe that will please moviegoers. Superhero fatigue, for the moment, is something that no one should worry about. These figures were provided by Box Office Mojo.


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