Captain Marvel Won’t Be Shown in Pakistan Amid Tensions with India

Disney's regional offices are based in India and prevent Pakistan from freeing the market. Captain Marvel . According to sources, Eveready Pictures, which distributes Disney projects in Pakistan, has not been able to reach an agreement to guarantee the rights of Carol Danvers' independent film. To date, the film has grossed more than $ 541 million worldwide and the Pakistani box office would be well served by having access to the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe project in movie theaters.

One of the motives of the project Blocked negotiations, according to a source familiar with the matter, "Disney India simply refused to sell the distribution rights of the film". Exhibitors in Pakistan now fear that this will happen with future versions of Disney, including Avengers: Endgame Dumbo Aladdin Star Wars 9 ] and The Lion King with many others. Shan Lashari, the owner of Sozo World Cinema, said the following about the situation.

"We are already facing a sharp drop in our revenues due to the ban on Indian films, and if Marvel headlines also stop appearing here, cinemas will begin to shut down."

On the other side of the argument, sources also say that Pakistan has not insisted that viewing rights be protected The captain Marvel . Wonder Woman by Warner Bros. and DC Films is a box office failure in the country. Many of them in India think this is the main reason why the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film directed by a woman is not currently screened in Pakistan. . Although Disney is not as important in Pakistan as it is in other regions, it's an important part of the country's box office revenue.

Disney India has not yet reacted to the question of Pakistan, Captain Marvel claims. That said, the exhibitors hope that it will not affect the upcoming versions of Disney that should arrive this year. Dumbo will be released in theaters at the end of the month while Avengers: Endgame will open at the end of April. Although the live adaptation of Dumbo may not have been so successful, Endgame will certainly make a big bump. Last year Infinity War earned 47 million rupees (nearly a million dollars) in just five days at the Pakistani box office

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India and Pakistan are currently engaged in ongoing military conflict, but it seems like things are starting to calm down after Indian air force violated Pakistani airspace in February, as a result of a suicide bombing. The aggression led to the destruction of an Indian fighter plane and its arrest. The act of aggression put the relations of the two countries at a low point. Fortunately, things are starting to change, a month after the initial attack and peace talks are underway. Perhaps after everything is settled Captain Marvel will premiere in Pakistani theaters. Pakistan Today reported this information for the first time.


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