Carrie Fisher Remembered by Official Star Wars Twitter on Anniversary of Her Death

Star Wars paid tribute to Carrie Fisher on the occasion of the second anniversary of her death. Tragically, two years ago today, the world lost a legend when Fisher died shortly after suffering a heart attack during a flight to Los Angeles. Official social media Star Wars today shared a video to pay tribute to the actress who gave life to Princess Leia. The video was shared with the following legend:

"Two Missed Years, Our Princess and General, Carrie Fisher."

The video itself features shots of Carrie Fisher as Star Wars' Leia Organa, the original trilogy, and the new trilogy. There is no dialogue. It's more like Fisher's John Williams-based shots, which allows the viewer to have a moment of reflection in silence. With Star Wars Celebration 2019 scheduled for April, we will likely receive a much more thorough tribute to Fisher in the coming months. During Celebration, in 2017, a longer video tribute to the deceased actress was collected and revealed during the event.

Carrie Fisher will always remember her work in the Star Wars franchise, but her career was much broader. Fisher was a renowned writer in Hollywood and he did a lot of things and a lot of doctoring of scripts, often uncredited, behind the scenes of many movies over the years. Fisher has also done memorable voice work, including Angela, the boss of Peter Griffin, in Family Guy . The series recently paid tribute to Fisher as well.

Even though Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, her presence has taken hold in a galaxy far, far away. His scenes had been completed for The Last Jedi published a year after his death. Leia played a very important role in the film and, even though the film itself remains a source of contention among fans, Fisher's work has not been at the center of most of the criticism formulated by some fans. Fisher should also resume his role in Star Wars 9 which is currently being filmed by J.J. Abrams. This will be accomplished by implementing unused footage from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi . For now, we do not know how important his role will be.

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] Well Beyond the Creation of a Character beloved, Carrie Fisher's work as Princess Leia has given people all over the world a strong female personality to admire that has lasted for more than four decades. Even if she is gone, her presence will survive us all. As Luke Skywalker once said: "No one has ever really gone." Fisher's daughter, Billie Heavy, who will also be returning to Star Wars 9 next year, also paid tribute to her mother today with a song posted on her Instagram account. RIP, Carrie Fisher. Be sure to watch the tribute video from the Star Wars UK Twitter account below.


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