Celebrate Mister Rogers’ Birthday with a New Look at Tom Hanks’ Neighborhood

It was fine of a beautiful day in the neighborhood as Sony has just seen it released a new picture of Tom Hanks in the role of Mister Rogers of the upcoming biopic film. There has been renewed interest in the icon of the end-time children's show and the general symbol of all that can be good and pure in this universe. This should culminate later this year when this movie will be released in theaters and, based on this latest image, we expect a heck of Hanks performance.

The image was made public in the honor of what would have been the 91st anniversary of Fred Rogers. Unfortunately, Rogers died in 2003 at the age of 74 after a battle against stomach cancer. This image shows Tom Hanks wearing the classic look of Mister Rogers, which we saw in previous pictures. What is different here is the iconic moment that he recreates. Anyone who has ever watched the series remembers seeing the icon put on his shoes, singing his classic theme song, throwing a song in the air. Hanks captures this moment perfectly in this new image.

Are we, as people, prepared for what this film will do? Tom Hanks is arguably the most beloved actor on the planet, if not one of the most beloved individuals of all walks of life. The idea of ​​playing it to a man as beloved as Fred Rogers, with seemingly great accuracy, is going to be difficult to handle. The movie theaters would do well to offer a box of tissues at each screening because we will all cry. There are few safe bets in this life, but that seems to be an option for the bank. And we have not even seen footage yet.

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Relates the last years of Fred Rogers' life and will not be a traditional biopic. Instead, he will focus on a relationship he has developed with the cynical journalist Tom Junod, who will be portrayed by Matthew Rhys ( The Americans ) and is based on an article that he has written about. he wrote about Rogers. The timing could not be better, with the documentary The arrival last year with rave reviews, a box office success and again, a lot of tears. It's also probably the biggest rebound of this year's Oscars, knowing that he's not even been nominated for the best feature-length documentary.

Marielle Heller, fresh out of her Oscar-nominated biography Can You Ever Forgender Me? occupies the director's chair, after a screenplay by Micah Fitzerman-Blue ( Transparent ) and Noah Harpster ( Maleficent 2 ). Hopefully we'll see a trailer for this one as soon as possible. A fine day in the neighborhood should be released in cinemas on November 22. Be sure to check out the new Sony Pictures image below.

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