Child’s Play Remake Trailer Arrives, New Chucky Is Ready to Play

The first trailer of the The remake of the game of the child has arrived . In the modern Hollywood landscape, apparently nothing is sacred. Restarts are all the rage and, even though this franchise has been in full swing for three decades, the time has finally come to remove (in a way) what has happened before in favor of something new. So say goodbye to the Good Guys doll, to the horror lovers and welcome Buddi, the new interactive and murderous toy that will terrorize people on the big screen.

Since its inception, this franchise is synonymous with murderer. doll known as Chucky, doubled by Brad Dourif. As the old story goes, the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray was transferred to the body of a Good Guys doll that passed into the hands of the unfortunate little boy named Andy. This time, it's a state-of-the-art Buddi doll from Kalsan Corporation, touted as "the most awesome and interactive toy on the market," which retains much of the classic look , with a very different approach. Although do not worry, this doll Buddi is still called Chucky. Those who are attached to the previous films Child & # 39; s Play are certainly divided.

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Franchise creator Don Mancini expressed his disgust for the direction given to this recovery and chose not to be involved. Like Brad Dourif. Instead, Mancini turned his attention to a television series Child's Play for SyFy, which will unfold in the continuity established in previous films. So, yes, we will now have two different versions of the same franchise at the same time. This is possible since MGM retains film rights, while Universal retains home video and television rights. While the films cast the old continuity, it will remain intact elsewhere. Even though it's great, it's made for a messy situation.

The casting for the restart is titled by Aubrey Plaza ( Parks and Recreation Hours ) and Brian Tyree Henry ( Atlanta Spider-Man: in the spider worm ). Gabriel Bateman ( Lights Out Annabelle}) plays the boy who ends up with the Buddi doll. Lars Klevberg, who previously directed the horror film Polaroid Polaroid occupies the director's chair and works according to a screenplay by Tyler Burton Smith ( of Kung Fury 2 ). Beatrice Kitsos ( The Exorcist ), Ty Consiglio ( Wonder ) and Carlease Burke ( Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ), as well as the star.

Since 1988 with the original play Child's Play the horror franchise has endured over the years and now has seven entries. The previous two, Curse of Chucky and the most recent entry, 2017s Cult of Chucky were both published directly on video and directed by Don Mancini . Will this remake be another victory for the mainstream horror? Or will it be a misnomer of money that does not capture what viewers liked about the original? We will know it soon enough because Child's Play is due out on June 21. Do not miss the new Orion Pictures trailer.


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