Chris Hemsworth Would Love to Play James Bond

Why, yes, Chris Hemsworth would like to play James Bond. Like many other actors, he may have to queue, but the Australian star of the Marvel film universe seems ready to embark on the ring. Will the man behind Thor exchange his thunder for a relay at MI6? assuming the powers in place would be willing to invite him to the table, we can not rule it out completely at this point.

The Avengers: Endgame press tour recently started. Since the actors can not know anything about the film, journalists will have to be creative in asking other questions that they might want to ask the stars of the film. As an example, Chris Hemsworth was recently asked about the role of 007 once Daniel Craig had completed his term. Here is what the 35-year-old actor had to say about it.

"When we were shooting Rush, someone had said that and I thought," Cool, if that's my audition tape, then that's great. . "I think you will never meet anyone who does not want to attack James Bond, I'd love to do it."

Here's what we know for sure. Daniel Craig says it's the character after James Bond 25 who recently started shooting. Its release is scheduled for April 2020. At this stage, producers will have to look for another actor to play this role. So why not Chris Hemsworth?

This is not the first time the star has expressed her desire to play the role. But in both cases, he made it clear that he understood that the role was under a lot of pressure. Not to mention that it is a decision that belongs to a lot of people that it can not really influence beyond the expression of one's desire.

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"It depends on so many elements and means Outside of me, this "It's not a topic you can not rely on either." It's a topic on which the Bond Fans Community, [franchise producer] Barbara Broccoli and the entire team who stands there, and it must be a very organic decision on their part.A lot of names have been thrown out there and a lot of brilliant people can attack that one. "[19459007

Interestingly, one of these names is Tom Hiddleston, who plays the role of his brother Loki in the MCU. Idris Elba, also associated with the Thor franchise as Heimdal, has been a big favorite of the online game, but he has personally refuted the idea on several occasions. We will have to see who emerges after the arrival of James Bond 25 . As for Chris Hemsworth, he should also play in Men In Black: International this summer, which, if nothing else, proves that he can very well break the mouth. An important qualification to assume the role of Bond. Libra reported this news for the first time.


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