Coming to America 2 Gets 2020 Release Date

Eddie Murphy Coming to America 2 is expected to be released on theaters in the summer of 2020. This is 31 years Since the original comedy debuted and fans have been waiting a long time for a sequel. Last January, Murphy announced that he was officially on board and that the sequel would finally move forward after years of speculation. The comedian also announced that Craig Brewer, director of Dolemite Is My Name of Netflix, was chosen to direct the sequel.

When Eddie Murphy made this announcement, no release date was revealed. However, Paramount Pictures attributed to Coming to America 2 a release date of August 7, 2020. The California Film Commission had previously awarded the studio a tax credit of 13 million dollars last April, but that was only if the movie could start within 180 days of the credit offered. Obviously, this did not happen, but production will likely begin this spring or summer to prepare for the release of the summer of 2020.

Although Eddie Murphy is attached , no other actor was announced for Coming to America 2 . When the comedian announced that he would join as a result, he issued a statement in which he expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of ​​"bringing all those classic and adored characters to the big screen". This has led to assumptions that Arsenio Hall, Headley Shari, John Amos and James Earl Jones would all end up replicating their original 1988 roles. Hall's Retreat must take place. The story revolves around Akeem, the pampered African prince who has to return to America to find his long lost son and real heir to the throne of Zamunda.

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Former Black-ish The Spotlight Kenya Barris is Rewriting the Script Coming to America 2 which was written by original authors Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield. Eddie Murphy produces with Kevin Misher. Craig Brewer and Murphy have just finished working together on Netflix's film Dolemite Is My Name and the comedian is eager to get back to working with the director. Although no production start date has been revealed, we should start getting information on the cast in the coming months.

Coming to America is a 1980s comedy classic, which will be hard to follow, even 31 years later. That said, if the details of the story are not accurate, there are many things that Akeem can experience when arriving in New York today. Much has changed in the world since 1988 and the character could experience even greater cultural shock than before. Eddie Murphy and his team will have to make fun of a lot of things this time around. It will be very interesting to see where the story decides to leave. The New Coming to America was reported for the first time by Variety.


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