Consistent Humor Masks an Inconsistent Plot

The Hustle introduces an unexpected and perfect comedy duo from Annehaway and Rebel Wilson. Although this is certainly not a duet that most people expected to work on, the chemistry that exists between the two on-screen actresses looks like a perfect comic formula, both of them being able to easily exchange jokes so much verbal than nonverbal. . I am incredibly grateful to Hathaway and Wilson for having worked so well together, as the film would have been otherwise unbearable.

The Hustle certainly started well, with a number of hilarious hijari and cleverly written scenes that presented our two main protagonists convincingly. The first 30 or 40 minutes of The Hustle actually delivered exactly what the film's marketing had promised, featuring Hathaway and Wilson in imagining hilarious new ways to recover money. comically dimwitted men. Everything that was promised in the trailer was presented in a fun way on the screen, but after about half an hour everything was starting to collapse.

In order to give the film a little more conflict and depth, a whole new plot was presented. halfway when the two main characters are betting to see who would be the first to rip off a specific person. Unfortunately, although this certainly has some potential, the plot for the rest of the movie was no more depth than a 20-minute episode Drake & Josh . The tone of the second half was unclear, moving from unjustified romantic scenes to apathetic comedy scenes, failing to equitably balance empathy and apathy. While the second half of the movie was still hilarious, the plot did not really develop the two characters (apart from some cheese shots), leaving the end of the movie fabulously unsatisfactory.

: Rebel Wilson in the remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Another serious problem regarding the film concerns the character of Anne Hathaway, Josephine. While Penny, the character of Rebel Wilson, was certainly a credible character, with clear motivation from beginning to end, Josephine was not. Josephine never seemed to have a clear and singular motivation, which made her much more difficult to follow. Although it is possible that it is an intentional piece on the part of writers, his character naturally aiming to mislead people and never show his true intentions, it was not played correctly. From start to finish, Josephine felt nothing more than a poorly written character, with no clear goals or flaws, giving the impression that her decisions made in the second half of the movie were random and bizarre.

Alas, despite the serious problems of conspiracy. during the second part of the film, The Hustle still manages to present itself as a funny comedy. From start to finish, Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway managed to make the audience laugh, with a variety of smart jokes and stunts that both actresses performed. Although this film from|MGM is still far from a great comedy, it remains at least fun. As long as you enter the movie thinking that it will only be fun without thinking, you should always have an entertaining trip to the theater.

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