Crazy Rich Asians Director Stands Up for Writer Over Pay Dispute

Crazy Rich Asians The director Jon M. Chu responded to the comments of the writer Adele Lim at rom-com hit of last year. Lim was a co-author of the first film, which then became a box office success. Peter Chiarelli co-wrote the film, but he was offered a lot more money for the sequel. Negotiations with Warner Bros. have stagnated and Lim is gone. Now, Chu made it clear that he was siding with Lim's decision.

When addressing Twitter, Jon M. Chu revealed a long letter that he had written in response to the situation. "For those of you who ask, you bet your ass that I stand with Adele!" That's how Chu opens the letter. It then recapitulates the events that led the author's departure to the breakup of the negotiations. Chu clearly says that they really want her to come back. Chu had this to say in defending Adele Lim's fight for pay equity in the industry.

"I will work with Adele in the future and I will respect her hell She was my sister and my co-conspirator All Of course, I'm frustrated that I can not do the following together, but I think the conversation has begun is much more important than ourselves (and the aftermath of the movie, frankly), so who am I? I agree with Adele that parity between women and people of color is essential to maintaining the illumination of our industry and that we still have a long way to go. "

Peter Chiarelli would have been offered between $ 800,000 and $ 1,000,000 for his work on the sequel. Adele Lim, meanwhile, received about $ 110,000. Lim stated that she had no trouble with regard to Chiarelli, who had offered to share her salary with Lim. But Warner Bros. did not think that Lim, given his experience, was at the same level and was not ready to do the same. Jon M. Chu also defended Chiarelli, explaining that, from his point of view, he was not the enemy in this situation.

"What I know is that we, as a community, should not pursue my friend Pete Chiarelli in our film.He wrote two versions of the screenplay several months before I joined the project with Adele, and came back to work just before filming, a good man, a creative force and a business professional for many years, making many uncredited re-writings (as those who know it do). 39, industry, these are only writers of confidence.) It is not the author of the film in the end, Adele is not the author of the film … the end … and I certainly do not, we did this together with a lot of people from the producers, the actors, our publisher, our production designer, Kevin Kwan, our sound team, our music team and many others. "

Crazy Rich Asians 2 entered into the development quickly, knowing that the first movie was crazy $ 238 million at the box office. However, work on the suite and the third planned entry stagnated. Not only because of this dispute, but because actors such as Awkwafina, Constance Wu and Henry Golding have all become very busy. Every time things start again, Jon M Chu said the door was open to allow Adele Lim to return.

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"Sometimes we all have to do what is the best for our self-esteem.That said, the door is still open for Adele and if there is another way to make it work, I know we're all for it, but it's a goal In the meantime, thank you for being strong, thank you for your concern and support, more to do, more to say, more to learn. "

Crazy Rich Asians 2 There is no set release date. Meanwhile, Adele Lim joined Awkwafina for Raya and Disney Animation's latest dragon which was announced recently on the 23rd day. Feel free to check out the full letter of Jon M. Chu's Twitter account below.


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