Critters Reboot Begins Production This January

Finally, the time has come for a new film Critters . The series of horrors that focuses on a group of small alien furry that come to earth and terrorize the locals has been dormant for some time. But at a time when all that is old is new again (or even when relatively new things are sometimes new again), it is time to dust off this one. Now, we have learned that SyFy’s restart will begin production in January

According to a new report, the new . ] Filming begins in January in South Africa. In the current state of affairs, there is no information regarding who could end up in the director’s chair, nor any information regarding the plot. But SyFy’s previous productions were shot in South Africa and are produced by the same network, so that seems to align. In addition, Adam Friedlander and Armand Leo are listed as producers. Friedlander has already worked with SyFy on several movies, most recently on Leprechaun Returns which has just been released this week and, not for nothing, but which turned out to be a good screenplay, like reboots from

The creatures were originally created in 1986, under the direction of Stephen Herek. The film was in a way a response to Gremlins’ success, as it also featured terrifying little creatures terrorizing a small town. Although there are few wickets to speak of, it was a time when videographers could turn small horror films like these into profitable projects. As such, the franchise has expanded to include several suites; 1988 & # 39; s Critters 2: The Main Course, 1991 & # 39; s Critters 3 (which actually serves as long from Leonardo DiCaprio) and from 1992 Critters 4.

In the present state of affairs, it has been more than 25 years since we saw the last time these evil creatures, but destined to change. SySy has not only this current reboot, but a Web series called Critters : It was planned to publish a new Binge specifically on mobile devices, but this project is not maybe more passes at all. That said, a real movie seems to be a more satisfying way of bringing back the franchise than a series of short films on the web that we would watch over the phone.

That seems to be a movie. SyFy’s most important game to enter the franchise game. They not only Leprechaun Returns and Deep Blue Sea 2 registered on their recent resume, but they also acquired the rights to Killer Klowns From Outer Space which will be also get reboot processing from the network. For the moment, there is no update on this project. Regarding Critters no date has been announced, but it is possible that we can see it by the end of the year 2019, depending on the situation. We will keep you informed as additional details about the project become available. This has been reported for the first time by Production Weekly.


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