Cut Bird Box Monster Finally Revealed and It’s Creepy

The Bird Box is a real success for Netflix. Holiday break. The film was seen 26 million times in the United States during its first week alone, figures backed by Nielsen. The only thing missing from this thriller was his monster. Even Jaws finally showed Bruce the shark. Instead, fans had to feast on the description of the creature by Sandra Bullock, who became quite legendary. Now, now what does the beast look like? Do you dare to look at it though? As this could lead you to suicide, like the characters in the movie.

Sandra Bullock said the creature looked like a green snake with a baby's head. And that's pretty much what it is. It's not as awkward as it originally seemed, but a glance indicates that it was probably best to leave this beast on the ground floor. Throughout the race of Bird Box the monsters remain invisible, although there are some subtle clues and tips to define their appearance. These demons arrive on Earth, triggering a global disaster. A single glance is enough to immediately kill you.

Director Susanne Bier confirms Sandra Bullock's comments about the monsters and confirmed in a previous interview that she had shot scenes with them that would be late in the film. The design simply did not cut the mustard. She says this about leaving the abomination at the place of death.

"It's so easy to become funny, in fact we shot and spent a lot of energy, but every time I saw it I felt like it was was not going to be tense. "

So, all we had to ignore until now, is the description of Sandra Bullock. Someone went from the front and used these loose details to create an action figure based on the monster Bird Box and with respect to regards the head, she understood very well. This thing looks like a big baby, and to say that it's a little silly, it's too kind.

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Fans of the movie are curious to see the scenes deleted since that Bullock and his director started to make fun of it. There is no indication that Netflix will ever publish these missing scenes and it usually takes some time for their originals to be played on Blu-ray and DVD. It was more than a year before Stranger Things was released at home. Instead of deleted scenes, we have these snapshots of STX Atlas, which they shared.

"The Invisible Creature of Bird Box premiered @knb_efx with sadness Andy Bergholtz @andy_bergholtz carved and pre-painted prosthetics Stephen Prouty @proutyfx was install and makeup actor Dirk Rogers @thehalloweendirk.Registered from the incredible Howard Berger (@ hoops511) "it's still a little disappointing when so much effort are needed to come up with something that ends up in the cutting room, but I understand and it's always what's best for the final product "@birdboxmovie @ netflixfilm @knb_efx.

The idea behind the monster is supposed to be that the biggest fear of Sandra Bullock was motherhood. So when she looked at the monster, it would mean a horrible baby monster. Although, it's not so scary when everything comes together in real time.

At least the film is a giant hit without having to see the monster. There is talk of Bird Box 2, but the director is not ready to talk about it, for the moment, because she just finished this one. If the second decides to show the monster, it will not be that baby with serrated skin, as it has already revealed another nightmare at that time.



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