Daisy Ridley Teases The Rise of Skywalker Scene That Left the Crew Shaken

Daisy Ridley Reveals That There Is a Scene In Star Wars: The L '; ascent of Skywalker The crew "shaken." The highly anticipated film is now less than two months out in theaters. Ridley is doing promotion for the last installment of the Skywalker saga, making sure that she does not share too much information, which should be pretty easy to do for the 39; actress. It is the third project Star Wars on which she worked and which could very well be the last.

When asked what was his favorite scene of The Rise of Skywalker Daisy Ridley did not hesitate with his answer. She was easily able to remember when and where the scene was shot, as well as how she was felt by the rest of the actors and the team. Ridley said this about his favorite moment of work on the upcoming movie.

"It was our last day of shooting in Jordan and the natural daylight was fading in. And it was so exciting. It was only a short while ago. scene We filmed very quickly, but the team was shaken in a way I had never seen before, see it in the movies, with the John Williams soundtrack and all that. ""

We saw a picture of this last day of filming in Jordan.The picture was shared by director JJ Abrams when the main photography works wrapped and featured Rey, Finn and Poe in a hug It's not clear if the three characters are in the scene, but they were all in costume, so they were probably involved in some ability.As for more details on this particular scene in The Rise of Skywalker Ridley can not reveal anything more s.

Daisy Ridley also spoke of the haunting picture of Dark Rey who has toured since The Rise of Skywalker The D23 footage debuted. "It's fun to play the best version of someone, and therefore the worst." It's an incredible thing to do as an actress, but we can not do it often "said the actress. Ridley says, "I can not say it, but I felt very good, that's all I can say, unfortunately."

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The Rise of Skywalker will open its theaters on December 20 and the 19 for screenings premiered on Thursday night. Star Wars pre-sale tickets are currently breaking records, so if you want to see the movie early before everything gets ruined online, you probably need to book tickets as soon as possible. As for more spoilers on the web, the world premiere will be on the 16th, so there will definitely be legitimate spoilers. The interview with Daisy Ridley was originally performed by Adoro Cinema.

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