Danny DeVito Shrine Finds New Home at Alamo Draft House in New York

The Alamo Drafthouse of Yonkers, New York, resurrected from the infamous shrine Danny DeVito. The sanctuary was originally housed in a mysterious secret room connected to the men's washroom on the SUNY Purchase campus. The students understood that the large paper towel dispenser could be removed and that it was leading to an unfinished room, where the DeVito Shrine was discovered. Once the video and images were posted on the web, the site quickly became viral and was even recognized by the man himself.

The Alamo Drafthouse decided to bring back the shrine Danny DeVito for a special screening of Throw Mama off the train earlier this week and people left offerings. A sign in front of the shrine reads, "Leave an offering to our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, patron saint of Trash Men," which is the same message that was attached to the SUNY campus sanctuary. People have piled garbage and other items, such as condoms, torn MoviePass cards and more.

The Danny DeVito Shrine of Alamo Drafthouse is only tentative, but there are already discussions to keep it full-time, which seems like the right thing to do. According to a person who works at the theater, "Danny DeVito is a god" and he will probably be there to help the entertainment industry when he will come back "saving all the true movie believers" from Disney's clutches. Joking aside, the theater is planning to leave the shrine all the time. But for the moment, it will be only this Sunday.

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Unfortunately, the tomb of Danny DeVito went viral, SUNY Purchase College had to seal the piece for security reasons. Students can no longer go to the shrine and it is unclear whether the campus left it to future generations. We would like to believe that it is still possible to propagate good trashman vibrations in the toilets of the campus. Fortunately, many photos and videos were taken before the secret room was permanently closed.

It's always nice in Philadelphia, Danny DeVito continues to cultivate his cult, which he does not take for granted. When the actor discovered the original shrine, he published on social media that he was "honored" and that his heart was "filled with garbage" because of this nice gesture. However, he also took a moment to talk about cleaning up the planet and recycling, using his almost divine power as a god. There is still plenty of time to go to the Danny DeVito Sanctuary if you are in the Yonkers area, so go ahead and take some pictures before cleaning. We will see soon if the theater decides to continue. Thanks to Metaflix for reporting this important information.




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