Dark Phoenix Is on Track for Lowest X-Men Opening Ever

Dark Phoenix Not Looking For A Heroic Opening Weekend In The Box -office. This film will be the last in this version of the franchise X-Men created since the release of the first real action movie in 2000. And, technically, the continuity has never been totally reset, making it a pretty incredible run for a franchise. Unfortunately, this franchise may not necessarily warrant the financial rewards it deserves.

According to a first follow-up report, Dark Phoenix . watching a $ 40 million wicket opening weekend on the low-end and $ 55 million on the upscale. Yes, it's a pretty wide range, but it's not very rare when it comes to following, especially so far. In addition, it should be noted that it is only an early figure. Things could change a lot the moment the movie comes out this summer. That said, there is reason to believe that this number may not be so far away and that if it continues, even at a high level, it could set a new record, not a good one, for the franchise.

Right now, the first openings for X-Men films are those of the first 2000 film, which grossed $ 54 million during its opening weekend, but there are 20 years old. This figure is a solid figure, corrected for inflation. The lowest is the 2013 The Wolverine which managed only $ 53 million when it was released. But it was a film derived from a solo character who was following Wolverine Origins' much-maligned film. It was therefore a difficult battle. It is also interesting to note that the last film, Apocalypse was greeted with a lukewarm reception.

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Up to now, not everything has gone well. This film began life at 20th Century Fox, under the direction of screenwriter and franchise producer Simon Kinberg, who made his directorial debut. Dark Phoenix had to undergo important rehearsals and there was a ton of negative buzz in the factory to rumors surrounding the film. Now it's in the hands of Disney, since the merger has finally been formalized recently. But Disney simply inherited the film and they will just release it as is. The question now is how good is it (or how bad)?

The first images that were projected to WonderCon and CinemaCon were quite well received. But studios can simply show what they have the best to offer in these situations. Really, a lot will depend on the reaction of critics. While they are surprisingly listening to this tale of the Phoenix saga, this could encourage more fans to visit movie theaters on opening weekends. If the answer is as bad as some predict, it would not be surprising to see this film fall away from these projections. Dark Phoenix is scheduled to be released on June 7 th. This news has already been reported by Box Office Pro.


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