Deadpool & Wolverine Share a Steamy Bromance in Latest BossLogic Fan Art

BossLogic is back with a new vision of Deadpool and Wolverine together. Disney is about to finalize the acquisition of Fox and the Marvel fans are starting to be really excited at the idea that the X-Men and the Fantastic Four ] join the Marvel film universe. Marvel Studios director Kevin Feige is equally enthusiastic and ready to integrate the properties of Fox. The biggest argument about this new acquisition is to see Hugh Jackman 's Wolverine join the MCU, but the actor has announced that he' s officially removed from the role.

Although Hugh Jackman finished with the role of Wolverine, it has not happened yet. prevented the fans from begging him to come back. One of these fans is the actor [Reynolds] of Reynolds Ryan Reynolds, who constantly watches Jackman on social networks to discuss his collaboration on the big screen. Jackman also had fun, but Reynolds is running a more intense campaign. BossLogic joins the parade by reinventing the two iconic characters in a parody Fault In Our Stars titled We heal from our scars.

It is apparent that Wolverine is very hurt in the parody poster The Fault in Our Stars. BossLogic has subtitled his latest work saying, "A story of two friends who have lost everything except one of the other … Because they can not, they tried! " The two iconic characters look very close in the poster made by fans, bringing their bromance to a whole new level. Although it's not the most complex work of BossLogic, it's still efficient and hilarious at the same time. One could easily see the two characters playing in the world of Fault of Our Stars .

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While Hugh Jackman announced his retirement from the Wolverine role, he said that he was excited to see Disney take over the properties of the Fox. Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige would be looking for a new actor to take on the role, but fans and Ryan Reynolds hope Jackman will change his mind. However, the actor seems to be on the right track with the strength of 2017 The Greatest Showman which showed Jackman the many facets of his crazy talent with his first live show this year, singing in front of crowds of millions of people.

At this point, it would not be totally shocking to see Hugh Jackman change his mind and show himself in a secret role. Disney CEO Bob Iger said the R-rated Fox properties, such as Deadpool will have a house under the Disney umbrella, which means the film X-Force and Deadpool 3 will still happen. It could be the shot that ends up carrying the bromance that Ryan Reynolds dreamed of achieving. If anyone can withdraw this, it is Disney. In addition, Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool says that the team is "inevitable" and that Disney takes over. We will obviously have to wait and see, but this fan art really looks nice. You can check out the bromance below, thanks to the BossLogic Instagram account.


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